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Choosing the Best WYSIWYG Editor for Styling Tables

If you are using a WYSIWYG editor there are big chances that you want to insert tables. Tables are a great feature to represent data/information in an organized way and it is important to choose a WYSIWYG editor that makes creating/editing tables very easy, this will save your time and let you enjoy the working process.

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Thousands have chosen Froala.

I just want to complement you all with an excellent piece of code! There are plenty free WYSIWYG editors around, but I just love Froala! It is easy to implement, has enough features, well coded and updated when needed. Good job you all!

— Dave Reedijk

We love all the recent updates. One of our customer JUST ASKED about a video upload option and we look like rockstars 🙂 Amazing work!
Your happy customer,

— Marybeth Alexander, CEO at KnowledgeOwl

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Froala WYSIWYG Editor Installation Instructions

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