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Froala Best WYSIWYG Editor Release

At the end of August we were thrilled to present you the newest version of our WYSIWYG editor, and just after 3 weeks we are now even more excited of how it turned out.

The feedback that we got from you was great. A large number of users already migrated from version 1 and the new version also convinced new companies and developers to use our editor. The user satisfaction grew a lot and it is so high that it motivates us to go even further and innovate in this domain.

The most common thing we are hearing from our users is that Froala WYSIWYG HTML text editor is the best editor out there and that they have chosen our editor without hesitation, after testing several other editors.

If you want to try our editor for yourself, don't forget that you may also win one of the prizes from the Froala Editor V2 Testing Contest. Until now we have 68 entries and 22 participants. Bellow is a list of the top 10 contest participants Github nicknames at the moment this blog post was written. If you're not among them there is still one week left, start testing and make your way up in the winners hierarchy:

  1. mufac - 13 issues
  2. philfreo - 9 issues
  3. felskov - 7 issues
  4. manttih - 6 issues
  5. largeden - 5 issues
  6. cgallarno - 4 issues
  7. connect-technologies - 4 issues
  8. joeworkman - 3 issues
  9. sepster - 2 issues
  10. chr22 - 2 issues

This contest encouraged you to test and see what the editor is capable of and also helped us to perfect our software. The first v2 release candidate had fewer issues than v1 had when we launched it and also fewer issues than we were expecting. We have some very demanding clients and we were a bit nervous while waiting their feedback and testing results.

Yes, we are really happy with how the new Froala Editor turned out, it is the best release we made so far. Don't forget that we are always looking forward for your feedback, just contact us or leave a comment bellow.

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