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New Patch Release: Froala Editor v3.2.7

The Editor 3.2.7 patch release focuses on the stability, quality and security of our Froala WYSIWYG Editor, addressing 40+ customer reported tickets. This includes improvements for formatting, image alignment, event focus, copying & pasting content across Word, Onenote etc. 3.2.7 is planned as the last 3.x release, in advance of our upcoming major version release. 

Editor 3.2.7 also includes enhancements focused on providing an even more robust user experience on mobile devices, paving the way for our next major upcoming release which will introduce Track Changes and Markdown support.



Next Major Version Release Plans 

The next major version release, 4.0, will introduce our top customer requested features. Previously previewed as 3.3, version 4.0 introduces Track Changes and Markdown Support to Froala Editor: 

  • Track Changes
    • Keep track of all the changes users make to their text, images, tables, styles, formatting, and more.
  • Markdown Support
    • Allows users to easily add Markdown syntax to their text to indicate which words and phrases need to be formatted.


*Features are not committed until completed and GA released.

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