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solution for the final user and developer friendly, it just works, but what I like the most was the integration with our React-based development, this was the main concern and initially planned to build it from scratch, I can say waved a lot of time. What do you dislike about Froala Editor? We spent a lot of time with the look & feel customization but at this point is working well, no complaints yet, but have to say that we are not in a production environment yet, at this moment is still under development, maybe later I can come back with more comments. 😉 What problems is Froala Editor solving and how is that benefiting you? We have a lot of customers that want to customize and personalize our dashboards, I mean business people not necessarily developers, so with this component, we add value to our business solution. Response from Carl Cruz of Froala Editor Hey there! Thanks for your review. We appreciate the time and effort you took into customizing Froala and are excited to see what you can create with Froala.