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Pyramid Chart

A pyramid chart is used to show the hierarchical structure as well as the quantity of data in a pyramid like structure. The chart is visualized like a pyramid that is made of various segments stacked together. A segment's height is determined by the data value that it represents. The width is determined by the segment's order in the stack of segments and has nothing to do with the data value. Segments can be sliced out in order to focus on a particular phase.


The caption (also called the chart title) is the heading of your chart. You can add custom text for the caption, as well as configure its font properties and cosmetics. Learn more about it


The sub-caption (also called the chart subtitle) is the sub-heading of your chart. You can add custom text for sub-caption, as well as configure its font properties.

Data Plot

Data plot refers to the columns of the pyramid chart.

Data Values

Data values refers to values associated with each section.


A tooltip is displayed when the mouse cursor hovers over a particular data point. It denotes valuable information about the data plot hovered.

Create a Pyramid Chart

For a detailed list of attributes, refer to the Pyramid Chart attributes page.