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Free Online HTML Editor Powered by Froala

A Real-time Editor to Quickly Create Clean and Valid HTML Code.

How do I use this online HTML Editor?

Convert text to HTML, sanity check your HTML code, or use it like an online notepad to save text in a PDF or word file.

Compose or copy text in the left editor and see clean and directly usable HTML code in the right window.

Love to write code? Simply paste your HTML on the right and see the text output in the left editor.

Looking for an HTML Editor for your personal or enterprise application?


Froala WYSIWYG Editor is your perfect choice.

Simply Beyond Words and Letters

Froala Editor enables rich editing and formatting capabilities for your web and mobile applications.


Enhance text with basic to advanced editing—bold, italic, underline, subscript, superscript, strikethrough, and more.

Styling and Formatting

Change fonts, align text, create ordered list, bullets, quotes, indentation, apply color themes, inline classes, line heights, paragraph styles, drag-drop, add shortcuts, and so much more.

Images and Media

Insert images, audio, and video to the editor. Add urls, apply styles to images, or customize image editing, add custom color pickers, or express yourself with emoticons.

30+ Plugins and Easy 3rd party Integration

Font awesome? Spell and grammar checker? Froala has easy 3rd party integration. Plus over 30 out-of-the-box plugins and customization options.

Froala is the perfect editor for your website builder, blogging platform, web development, notepad apps, email, chat apps, and many diverse applications that utilize editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

An HTML editor is a program for editing the markup of a web page. WYSIWYG HTML editors provide an interface to display text as it appears in the web browser without the need for any HTML knowledge.

Yes, 100% free. Use this online tool to convert text to html or sanity check your html code. If you need an editor license for your personal or enterprise app, check out the Froala licenses and plans..

Absolutely. The free editor tool lets you plugin html code and shows the text final output. Use this to test, fine tune, and edit files quickly through this simple browser-based tool.

The Froala online html editor is a free online resource for translating text to html or converting html code to see how it would appear to the user. The Froala WYSIWYG Editor is an enterprise-grade HTML editor which can be embedded in your personal or business application on web or mobile. It’s easy to use, lightweight, secure, and works across browsers. Learn more by taking a tour of the editor capabilities or get a try it for free.

Froala works seamlessly with multiple languages as well as client and server frameworks such as React, Vue, Ember, NodeJS, Django, .NET, PHP, Python, Rails, Java and more. Check out the complete list in the Froala Integration docs.

Yes, Froala can be used on-prem as long it adheres to the terms and conditions outlined in the Froala Editor License agreement. Check out the different editor license plans to select the right one for your use case.

Visual Studio Code is a build and debug source code editor by Microsoft and is used by developers for debugging, highlighting, code completion etc during development. Froala Editor is a front-end html editor for enabling rich text editing capabilities for web and mobile applications. Customers use Froala Editor in a variety of applications such as blogging platforms, chat apps, comment apps, form builders, doc processors and thousand of others.

Yes! You can specify the number of rows and columns and insert a table in your editor. Resize your table, customize the cell styles, colors, adjust alignment and more. See table examples.

You can try a fully-featured free trial of the Froala editor. You can also download and install the Froala editor from npm.

The Next Generation WYSIWYG HTML Editor