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Version 1.0.1   

Release Date: September 27, 2019

  • Hotfixes
    • Fixed change default placeholder text for Froala Editor instances in Pages
    • Fixed in default requirements there is inconsistent Bootstrap versions for css and js
    • Fixed there should be an option to remove branding logo
    • Fixed need to change getHTML function to return html asynchronously instead of downloading HTML
    • Fixed Froala Pages doesn't work in any other browser than Chrome
    • Fixed multiple 'download' buttons don't display properly with custom options
    • Fixed errors with custom value for 'pageRightButtons' and without 'download' button
    • Fixed show error message if there is no key while accessing the Pages
    • Fixed default javascript libs resources for Pages
    • Fixed second time drag&drop of blocks not working
    • Fixed selector based pages iframe creation
    • Fixed extra option for display/hide downloads counter
    • Fixed need to add custom design blocks
    • Fixed download button should only appear if there one or more than one block is selected

Version 1.0.0   

Release Date: September 02, 2019 ✨✨✨

  • GA Release ✨✨✨