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Frequently Asked Questions


You can always get software updates if the update period from your license hasn’t expired. If you wish to extend this period you can get a 25% discount. After the update period expires you will be able to get software updates only if you purchase a new license.

If you don’t need the page builder’s sources and the minified version is okay then you can download the latest version from the download page. Otherwise please request the source code from [email protected]


Just visit the pricing page, click on the Buy Now button of the plan you want to purchase and follow the checkout process.


When you purchase a license you will have full access to Froala’s online technical support via email. This means that you will get answers to all your technical questions related to the Froala Pages. We guarantee that owners of a license will get help within one week, but we are usually answering in less than 48 hours. Any other type of questions can always be asked through the contact page.