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How to Purchase a Froala License

You can find the Froala Price List here:

Please send your purchase order via email to [email protected].

NECESSARY information to include in your request:

End-user details:

       Company Name

       Company Address

       Contact Person (first name, last name)

       Email Address (not [email protected], or [email protected]   but an employee’s direct email address)

       Contact Phone Number

Once the PO is received, we will process the order and send the license details within 24 hours.  (may be delayed on weekends) You have 3 options for this information.  Please specify when sending the  PO.

       Deliver to Reseller Only

       Deliver to End-user Only

       Deliver to both Reseller and End-user

Then we will process the order and send you and/or the end user and email with the license keys within max. 24 hours.
We will also send you an invoice with payment terms according to the reseller agreement.