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Using a modular programming structure based on plugins, we managed to improve the WYSIWYG HTML editor's performance, making it more efficient, easier to understand, extend, modify and maintain. The main advantage is that you can include only the plugins that you need, instead of having all of them already in.

Available Plugins

Plugins extend the basic functionality of the rich text editor. To add a plugin, just include its corresponding javascript and stylesheet files. For example, you can use the table plugin by adding the following lines after you include the editor code JS file.

<!-- Include the Tables plugin CSS file -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../css/plugins/table.min.css">

<!-- Include the Tables plugin JS file -->
<script src="../js/plugins/table.min.js"></script>

We have numerous of plugins (listed in the table below), but you can create your own plugins as well. Create plugin article explains how to do that.

NameDescriptionJS to includeCSS to include
AlignAdds the align option.../js/plugins/align.min.js -
Char CounterLimits the number of characters that can be inserted in the editor.../js/plugins/char_counter.min.js ../css/plugins/char_counter.min.css
Code BeautifierBeautifies the code inside the code view mode.../js/plugins/code_beautifier.min.js -
Code ViewEnables code view for the editor content.../js/plugins/code_view.min.js ../css/plugins/code_view.min.css
ColorsAdds the possibility to change the background and text colors.../js/plugins/colors.min.js ../css/plugins/colors.min.css
DraggableAdds to drag content. E.g.: images, videos.../js/plugins/draggable.min.js ../css/plugins/draggable.min.css
EmbedlyEmbeds any content from the web in the editor../js/third_party/embedly.min.js ../css/third_party/embedly.min.css
EmoticonsMakes your users smile../js/plugins/emoticons.min.js ../css/plugins/emoticons.min.css
EntitiesConverts characters to special HTML entities.../js/plugins/entities.min.js -
FileUpload any kind of files and special links will be inserted in the editor to download them.../js/plugins/file.min.js ../css/plugins/file.min.css
Font AwesomeInsert Font Awesome icons in the editor text.../js/plugins/font_awesome.min.js -
Font FamilyAllows users to select from different font types.../js/plugins/font_family.min.js -
Font SizeAllows users to change the font size with pixel precision.../js/plugins/font_size.min.js -
FullscreenAdds fullscreen option.../js/plugins/fullscreen.min.js ../css/plugins/fullscreen.min.css
HelpDisplays the shortcuts inside the editor.../js/plugins/help.min.js ../css/plugins/help.min.css
ImageEnables advanced image editing.../js/plugins/image.min.js ../css/plugins/image.min.css
Image ManagerBrowse through and delete images on your server.../js/plugins/image_manager.min.js ../css/plugins/image_manager.min.css
Image TuiMake photos beautiful in seconds with stunning filters, frames, stickers, touch-up tools and more.../js/third_party/image_tui.min.js ../css/third_party/image_tui.min.css
Inline ClassDefine custom classes for selected text.../js/plugins/inline_class.min.js -
Inline StyleDefine custom styles for selected text.../js/plugins/inline_style.min.js -
Line BreakerHelper to add new lines between elements such as tables.../js/plugins/line_breaker.min.js ../css/plugins/line_breaker.min.css
Line HeightAllows users to select the line height for the current selected paragraph.../js/plugins/line_height.min.js -
LinkEnables advanced link editing.../js/plugins/link.min.js -
ListsAllows users to insert lists in the editor.../js/plugins/lists.min.js -
Paragraph FormatAllows users to change the type of a paragraph.../js/plugins/paragraph_format.min.js -
Paragraph StyleAllows user to choose a style for a paragraph.../js/plugins/paragraph_style.min.js -
PrintAdds print option to the toolbar.../js/plugins/print.min.js -
Quick InsertHelper to add images, tables and other stuff easier.../js/plugins/quick_insert.min.js ../css/plugins/quick_insert.min.css
QuoteAdds quote option.../js/plugins/quote.min.js -
SaveEnables AJAX saving of the content inside the editor.../js/plugins/save.min.js -
Special CharactersAdds the possibility to insers special characters.../js/plugins/special_characters.min.js ../css/plugins/special_characters.min.css
Spell CheckerAllows the user to see and correct misspellings while typing.../js/third_party/spell_checker.min.js ../css/plugins/spell_checker.min.css
TableBasic and advanced operations on cells, rows and columns.../js/plugins/table.min.js ../css/plugins/table.min.css
UrlConvert text to URL as you type.../js/plugins/url.min.js -
VideoEasily insert videos by URL or by embedded code.../js/plugins/video.min.js ../css/plugins/video.min.css
Word PasteCleans the HTML pasted from Word.../js/plugins/word_paste.min.js -