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The Froala Rich Text Editor's default language is English (United States), but you can easily change it by choosing between the 38 languages we are currently supporting. If you think any of the translations could be improved or you need a new language to be added, you can always contact us.

New language will be set to the tooltips and text of the WYSIWYG HTML editor if you select it from the list below.

Arabic (ar)Bosnian (bs)Czech (cs)Danish(da)German (de)Greek (el)English Canada (en_ca)English United Kingdom (en_gb)English United States (en_us)Estonian (et)Spanish (es)Persian (fa)Finnish (fi)French (fr)Hebrew (he)Croatian (hr)Hungarian (hu)Indonesian (id)Italian (it)Japanese (ja)Korean (ko)Kurdish (ku)Montenegrin (me)Norwegian (nb)Dutch (nl)Polish (pl)Portuguese Brazil (pt_br)Portuguese Portugal (pt_pt)Romanian (ro)Russian (ru)Serbian (sr)Slovak (sk)Swedish (sv)Thai (th)Turkish (tr)Ukrainian (uk)Vietnamese (vi)Chinese China (zh_cn)Chinese Taiwan (zh_tw)

Example of changing the WYSIWYG HTML editor's language to Spanish (es):


<div id="edit"></div>


<!-- Include the language file. -->
<script src='../langs/es.js'></script>
  $(function() {
      // Set the language code.
      language: 'es'