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Custom Elements

Custom Plugin

Below is the basic JS structure for creating your own plugin for Froala WYSIWYG HTML text editor.

(function ($) {
  // Add an option for your plugin.
  $.FroalaEditor.DEFAULTS = $.extend($.FroalaEditor.DEFAULTS, {
    myOption: false

  // Define the plugin.
  // The editor parameter is the current instance.
  $.FroalaEditor.PLUGINS.myPlugin = function (editor) {
    // Private variable visible only inside the plugin scope.
    var private_var = 'My awesome plugin';

    // Private method that is visible only inside plugin scope.
    function _privateMethod () {
      console.log (private_var);

    // Public method that is visible in the instance scope.
    function publicMethod () {
      console.log (_privateMethod());

    // The start point for your plugin.
    function _init () {
      // You can access any option from documentation or your custom options.
      console.log (editor.opts.myOption)

      // Call any method from documentation.
      // editor.methodName(params);

      // You can listen to any event from documentation.
      //'contentChanged', function (params) {});

    // Expose public methods. If _init is not public then the plugin won't be initialized.
    // Public method can be accessed through the editor API:
    // $('.selector').froalaEditor('myPlugin.publicMethod');
    return {
      _init: _init,
      publicMethod: publicMethod