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Inline WYSIWYG Editor Demo

Click here to test the inline rich text editor. This entire page is a demo.


We believe that Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor is the best Javascript rich text editor out there. It is our obsession to push the WYSIWYG editing limits further and create an outstanding experience.

Inline editor


Loved by users and friendly with developers, our rich text editor comes with a powerful API and a complete documentation, making it easy to integrate, customize and extend.

Connected world


Froala Javascript WYSIWYG editor is used world wide, in many countries and in various languages. It has full RTL support, so writing in Arabic, Farsi or Hebrew will feel naturally. Even the toolbar changes to give it the perfect feel.


Froala WYSIWYG HTML text editor has a strong defence mechanism against all types of XSS attacks. It's built in the core of the editor and we're keeping it that way while adding new features.


Our JavaScript rich text editor respects the HTML5 standards and cleans all the unnecessary HTML. It produces clean output, waiting to be crawled by search engines.

Inline editor

Inline editor


We care about UX almost more than anything. It's what defines our rich text editor and it's also what makes it the world's most beautiful WYSIWYG editor.

The Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor will nicely fit in any application and it can be customized in almost any way to make it match the look and feel of you website.

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