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Focused on User Experience

Text editor labeling where buttons are and what actions they do with images and a body of text as examples.
A pen drawing of an atom structure with thin and fading lines showing the outer rings and inner nucleus.
Simple Editor

Use only core editing features.

Pen drawing of an arrow with its tip meeting the center of a target.
Your Rich Text Editor

Right on target for your needs.

Bulleted list in pen writing with stars as points and lines as text.
Full Featured

100+ out of the box features.

Inline rich text editing is awesome

Cartoony image of a browser with stacked text in the center and analytical trend charts underneath.

Ultra high performance

Froala Editor is one of the most powerful Javascript rich text editors in every single aspect. It is designed with performance in mind and will withstand the most rigorous tests.

Blazing Fast

Ten times faster than the blink of an eye, our rich text editor will initialize in less than 40ms.


Bring in an amazing editing experience to your application without losing loading speed.

Well Structured

Our engineers came up with a fantastic architecture that made this the best Javascript rich text editor.


We know it’s bullet proof, but don’t take our word for it, just go ahead and hack it. #hackFroala

Built for developers

A pen drawing of a computer monitor outline with HTML code written.

Powerful API

Froala editor's API was designed and documented to make the rich text editor easy to customize and interact with.


Pen drawing of a browser with a search bar and three buttons at the top and a globe outline in the center.

Client Frameworks

Written in Javascript, the Froala rich text editor is also available with almost all front-end frameworks.

See frameworks

Pen drawing of two page sections and orbs and lines flowing out from them.

Server Integrations

Our rich text editor also has support for backend technologies to make developer's life even easier.

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Froala Editor
An outline of a dropped map pin in a thin pen style with a sketch of the globe at its center.

Used all over the world, in more than 100 countries, our Javascript rich text editor simply works in every language, including East Asian languages.

Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel brand icons stacked on top of each other.
Word & Excel Paste

Choose if you wish to keep or clean formatting when pasting from Microsoft Word and Excel and the rich text editor does it all for you.

Pen drawing of a computer monitor with a man next to a heart and text underneath.

Web rich text editing should be for everyone, and that's why we made our Javascript editor compliant with Section 508, WCAG 2.0 and WAI-ARIA.

... and over 100 other features

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