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Froala Editor V4.0.7 — Awesome Improvements For Top Features

Froala Editor is here with a new update! We’re back at it again with an update for your favourite WYSIWYG editor. We’ve been working hard to bring you all the
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What Is An HTML Editor And Why Does It Matter?

The internet never stops growing.  Every day, more users not just responding to content created by others but creating their own. This is in part due to the ease of
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Is Tech Making HTML Editors Better Or Worse?

Technology shapes our lives. It provides us with conveniences and benefits. As technology advances, the luxuries it provides us usually do too. Unfortunately, not every upgrade is necessarily an improvement.
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Why should I upgrade my Froala editor to version 4?

At Froala we are not satisfied with being good — we want to be great. That’s why G2 consistently rates us the top web page editor. And that’s also why
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