The Power of Visual HTML Editors: A developer’s guide


Revolutionizing Web Design: The Power of Visual HTML Editors A paradigm shift is occurring in web development, and visual HTML editors are emerging as a formidable force. These novel tools surpass the constraints of conventional text-based coding by implementing a graphical user interface that enables the manipulation of HTML code. This progression represents a shift […]

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How to Define Get and Set Content Functions for html editor software


Content manipulation is the central core of a web application that involves text editing. Regarding apps, two functions are essential for good performance in this software engineering area: get content and set content for html editor software. To see how this works, you must understand how the mechanics of these functions are elementary. App users […]

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Top 10 Tools to Speed Up Your Web Apps


Web applications need to be fast and efficient. Internet users demand smooth experiences, so that slow-loading apps can lead to frustration.  Every developer knows firsthand that the speed of their applications is a critical factor in the work they have to do.  But most professionals also know they don’t need to re-adjust the wheel for […]

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Save Time While Editing: Using Froala’s Quick Insert Plugin


Do the repetitive jobs that come with making content ever get to you? Spending minutes looking for the right menu or carefully arranging elements can waste time. In today’s digital world, speed is very important. This is where the Quick Insert feature from Froala comes in and changes everything. Utilizing this effective extension for the […]

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Implementing the Disable Right Click in Froala for React Apps


In certain websites, there is a need to prevent users from executing specific actions like copying, pasting, or inspecting HTML code within the editor interface.  Turning off the right-click functionality serves as an effective measure to deter such behaviors.  It enables the implementation of custom context menus tailored to the application’s requirements, overriding the default […]

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Best Practices for Text to HTML Editors: Prioritizing Code Quality


Developing engaging content is merely a portion of the challenge in web development. Your message comes to life by delivering that information impactfully on a webpage. However, numerous experts face challenges when transitioning from plain text to HTML with text to html editors. This guide functions as a directional tool, systematically describing a direct strategy […]

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Simplify Web Development: Choosing a Linux WYSIWYG HTML Editor


The never-ending quest for the perfect WYSIWYG editor on Linux! As a developer, I’ve battled with countless options, each promising a seamless editing experience across platforms. But let’s face it, ensuring consistent rendering and functionality across Windows, Mac, and Linux can feel like wrangling a herd of pixies.     My quest brought me across Froala, […]

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Froala & Quasar Integration: Mastering the Best WYSIWYG HTML Editor


Froala 4.1 release has been a significant step in the history of the developer-friendly best WYSIWYG HTML Editor. It is the release where Froala supports React 18, Angular 15+ with Ivy Engine, and Vue 3. This allows developers to easily integrate Froala into applications using these technologies. For example, Froala can now straightforwardly integrate with […]

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Enhance Your Editing with Froala 4.2: Word Count and MS Word Pasting Improvements


We are super excited to announce the release of Froala 4.2, which introduces the new Word Counter. This feature was highly requested by our users and we are thrilled to finally bring it to you. In addition to adding the Word Count plugin, we’ve made several other improvements to our powerful text editor. We believe […]

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The Enduring Challenge of HTML to WYSIWYG: Why Perfect Conversion is Elusive


The fundamental language of online pages, HTML, and WYSIWYG editors have been at odds for decades, leaving web workers confused. These intuitive interfaces empower individuals without technical expertise to generate and modify web content. While WYSIWYG editors appear to be a simple solution for content generation, precise conversion from visual editor to underlying HTML code […]

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