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End to End Content Management Solution

Froala, as one of the leading editors in the market, creates multiple opportunities for developers. Applications such as Content Management Systems, Email Editing, and many more are where Froala makes a difference. Pairing it with Filestack, a leader in itself in the market when it comes to File Management Solutions, you’ve got yourself a solid foundation to create any application you want.

Content Management Systems is one of the areas where Froala thrives. Froala provides a seamless experience in content editing. We pride ourselves in making developer’s lives easy when creating content management systems for the frontend. But the backend is another monster. Filestack handles that for developers and lo and behold, Froala and Filestack work very well together. You can read more about it in this blog.

Meet the powerful duo

Lightweight but Powerful

Froala acts as the gateway to all the content that is coming in towards your CMS. With its lightweight design, its footprint within your application will be unnoticed. But that doesn’t mean it doesnt pack the power.

Froala comes with 35+ plugins along with a customizable toolbar to match the look and feel of your site.

Your Secret Superpower

Filestack provides backend management to any kind of application ranging from iOS to desktop applications.

With its robust, reliable, and fast API, developers no longer need to code file management from scratch. File management really has never been this easy.

Using Filestack with Froala is as easy as integration gets. Click the button below to learn more.

Here’s what Filestack brings to your Content Management solution

Faster File Uploading

Faster File Uploading

Make your site's file uploads faster without exerting any effort.

Image Transformations

Let your users edit images on the fly with a clean UI


Have a specific business workflow within your CMS? Filestack handles that as well

Secure CMS

Safeguard your CMS with Image SFW, Image Tagging, Video SFW

Artificial Intelligence

Filestack's Artificial Intelligence ranges from detecting emotions of text to copyright detection

Cloud Storage

Remove the hassle of 3rd party cloud software within your CMS. Let Filestack do the heavy lifting

For developers, by developers