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I have been in this field a long time and always looking for tools, libraries and techniques to make our team more productive, I found Froala because we used Sencha products in a previous company/

Alex Market

Software Engineer, Dynatrace

Why Froala?

  • Complete and comprehensive documentation
  • Seamless integration
  • Slim - only add the plugins that you need
  • Well maintained

"...easy and straightforward to integrate"

About Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a global software intelligence platform that leverages advanced AIOps and security to simplify and automate cloud operations. In simpler terms, they help businesses solve their cloud requirements easily. Their goal is to “make sure every digital experience and interaction, in every industry, everywhere, is flawless and secure.” They empower their customers to innovate faster, albeit safer, work more efficiently, and have better results. Dynatrace has solutions for cloud operations, analytics, DevOps, and more, which they use to help businesses across different industries. They also currently have about 50 offices and thousands of employees around the world.

And in their quest to make organizations adapt and succeed in the age of modern cloud computing, they decided to tackle the problem of big data. In one of their discussions, they realized that the current observability and monitoring solutions were very limited. Whether it was storage-related, query-related, or analysis-related, these limitations of those solutions prevented them from facing the aforementioned challenges.

Dynatrace then thought about building a platform that makes all data easily, intelligently, and cheaply accessible. That’s when Grail was first conceptualized.

It's pretty well documented and overall is easy to use for the end users.

— Alex Market, Software Engineer at Dynatrace

Dynatrace & Froala

The Grail team uses React for their front-end along with a styling framework of their own making. It was critical for them to find a WYSIWYG editor that could be easily integrated into their platform. Luckily, Froala is one of the easiest editors to integrate, with over 17 front-end frameworks currently supported. It can be used for any project, on almost any framework or technology stack, and on any platform. Because of this, the Grail team didn’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Froala is deeply developer-focused and extremely user-friendly, and these are two features that the Grail team loved about it.

You can download froala here.