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Frequently Asked Questions


Domain Name (or Domain) is a unique name or address by which a Website is reachable. (For example, if a Website is reachable by the address “”, the Domain is “”). If you have a license key for the domain, then that key would work on all the subdomains – e.g.,


The Froala rich text editor is always available for download on our download page. You may download the editor and test it at any time, without spending money.

While testing, you might see an unlicensed message at the left bottom corner of the editor, however it doesn’t limit any of the editor’s features.

Source Code

Our rich text editor is a Javascript plugin and therefore it does not have an EXE file. For more information about how to use it please see our documentation.


Questions can always be asked through the contact page. If you have a license, please use the email address used to purchase.


Froala is not offering any storing services. By default the Froala Rich Text Editor stores the images temporary on as a Blob in the browser memory.