TinyMCE Alternative: Easier To Succeed

Why It_s Easier To Succeed With Tinymce Alternative Than You Might Think

The rich text editor (RTE), often known as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, can alter the appearance of your text in most parts of the system where text can be entered. Icons for editing and formatting your text can be found in the rich text toolbar. In addition to text, you may use the rich text editor to integrate images, links, audio, and video. Rich-text editors are in high demand these days.

It’s not easy to decide which RTE to use in your SaaS product, online application, CMS, LMS, email marketing, or internal workplace. TinyMCE is a web-based RTE available as open-source software under the LGPL. It may create editor instances from HTML text area fields or other HTML elements. There are, however, several up-and-coming RTE replacements. Froala Editor is now widely regarded as the greatest TinyMCE alternative available for various reasons. This post will concentrate on the factors that make it easier than expected to succeed using Froala Editor.

What Features Make Froala a Fan Favorite?

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Javascript Editor

Froala has 100+ premium features that make the WYSIWYG editor stand out.

Does it Look Attractive for Your Users?

Yes! Every feature in Froala, including the flat UI, SVG icons and buttons, dropdowns, and pop-ups, is stunning. In addition, the Froala Smart Toolbar divides all activities into four categories based on their scope. As a result, you can retain a wide range of capabilities at your fingertips without overwhelming your consumers with dozens of buttons. It is undeniably a step ahead of the competition.

When it comes to editor design, mobile support is another important consideration. Thanks to its full mobile support, it’s also an area where Froala has always been ahead. In a nutshell, Froala is the first WYSIWYG editor to provide pop-up formatting controls that work on both mobile and desktop platforms. Lastly, Froala is the first mobile-friendly WYSIWYG HTML editor with picture and video resizing.

Is it Customizable?

Froala makes it simple to display different toolbar buttons for large, medium, small, and very small screens. To do so, just set the toolbar buttons, toolbarButtonsMD, toolbarButtonsSM options, and toolbarButtonsXS. Froala is the most responsive editor on the web due to this.

This TinyMCE alternative features extensive yet simple API documentation because it puts all settings, events, and methods on one page, making it easier to read and comprehend. Froala also includes many live code samples on which you may build your projects. In addition, everything is nicely described, from adding a custom button to designing a custom plugin.

How Does it Affect Your Product Speed?

In every way, Froala Editor is one of the most capable JavaScript-rich text editors. It was created with performance and will stand up to the most demanding testing. Our rich text editor will initialize in less than 40ms, 10 times faster than the blink of an eye. It’s lightweight because it adds a fantastic editing experience to your app without slowing it down. In addition, our experts devised a wonderful architecture that makes this the best JavaScript-rich text editor on the market. Froala is also highly safe. We know it’s bulletproof, but don’t just take our word for it; try to hack it yourself!

How Easy is it to Integrate into Your Products?

Froala includes 17 framework libraries, compared to TinyMCE’s 15 integration guidelines. It’s also the first editor to have SDK libraries for six distinct server integrations. The Froala SDK libraries make the editor’s interface with the server as simple as possible, allowing tasks like saving pictures and files and computing the Amazon S3 signature to go smoothly.

Is Froala Developer Friendly?

This WYSIWYG HTML editor was created by developers for developers. Over 30 easy-to-install plugins are available for Froala to help you improve the editor. It comes with a lot of documentation and is compatible with many popular frameworks like Angular, Django, Knockout, Vue, Sencha, etc. You can learn more about Froala editor here. In addition, it has a strong community and professional support to assist you in getting your application up and running quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, it is a top pick among development teams due to its detailed documentation, powerful framework plugins, and numerous examples. Developers want a solution that is more adaptable, smooth, and light. They want simplicity and an easy-to-use interface that isn’t intimidating to newcomers. Froala is the best WYSIWYG Editor on the market because of its unique real-time collaborative editing features, ease of seamless integration with most existing technological infrastructures, and low learning curve. These great features make it popular among professional developers worldwide.

What Makes Froala International?

Froala’s default language is English; however, it is a multilingual editor that supports over 38 different languages worldwide. Along with its low price point, this makes it a popular choice for professional developers around the world. Visit the official documentation to learn more about Froala’s language support.

Want to Migrate to Froala From TinyMCE?

Want to Migrate to Froala From TinyMCE?

It takes less than five minutes to switch from TinyMCE to Froala. To move to the finest WYSIWYG editor available, follow the steps provided by the guide. You may absolutely migrate to Froala now and then decide whether or not to purchase later.

How Good are Froala’s Pricing Plans?

How Good are Froala- TinyMCE Alternative Pricing Plans

No one wants to pay money when they have a free option; however, going the free route could cause you to miss out on better opportunities. Consider the Froala perpetual license, which allows you to use the latest version of the editor and all of its plugins indefinitely for a low fee. It is less expensive than developing a similar editor from the ground up. It’s an incredible deal, especially when you consider having access to updates and professional support for a year!

Froala offers significant cost savings for any of your requirements: simple personal application, blog, SaaS, intranet, mobile apps, or large-scale needs. Compared to similar TinyMCE plans, Froala plans can save around 400-600 percent on average. This is because Froala’s plans are transparent and all-inclusive. You get unlimited editor loads with every Froala subscription plan. On the other hand, TinyMCE has a limit on editor loads, and any extra load costs you more money. TinyMCE also restricts real-time collaboration tools and does not allow you to use all plugins. Froala also assists new businesses by providing a 35 percent discount on Pro and Enterprise plans, known as the Ignition discount. If you have fewer than 50 active monthly users, you can request a discount.

Why Should you Use Froala?

When you need to add a rich-text editing function to your product, you’ll need to compare and contrast TinyMCE with Froala. Froala has unquestionably risen to the top of the WYSIWYG editor rankings. The amount of migrations to Froala from other editors, such as TinyMCE, demonstrates this. It’s hardly unexpected, given that Froala is a lightweight WYSIWYG editor with a minimalistic style. Its user-friendly layout allows hundreds of functionalities without overwhelming consumers with a sophisticated user interface. Froala also features simple documentation and is simple to connect with your products. Overall, Froala Editor is the ideal solution for your editing needs, and it is a “do more, spend less” editor, thanks to its reasonable subscription levels.

Now that you know how simple it is to use the TinyMCE alternative, click here and upgrade your developer game.

Posted on April 19, 2022

Emad Bin Abid

Emad Bin Abida former writer for Froala, showcased exceptional talent and dedication during their tenure with the company.

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