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lazy-loading Froala in React CMS

Optimizing React CMS Applications With Lazy Loading of The React WYSIWYG Editor

React CMS applications are popular, especially in modern web development. One of their main components is the React WYSIWYG editor, which helps content creators generate and organize content within the
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text to html

Text to HTML Editors Explained: Essential for Modern Web Development

Imagine you’re building a dynamic blogging platform. You want your users to effortlessly format their posts, add images, and embed videos. The last thing you want is for them to
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Gemini AI Integration in Froala WYSIWYG Editor

Gemini AI Integration in Froala Editor: AI-powered Chat and Generate Feedback Features

Would you like to give your users the power of using AI inside their WYSIWYG editor to help them compose content, rewrite some blocks, or get feedback on their writing?
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From Plain Text to Web Page: What’s the Easiest Solution for Text to HTML Editing? 

The easiest solution for text-to-HTML editing would be to use text-to-HTML editors or an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports HTML syntax highlighting. These editors have revolutionized the creation and
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Comparing Froala Editor with TinyMCE, highlighting differences and functionalities.

Compare Froala to TinyMCE: Which is the best WYSIWYG editor?

The search for TinyMCE alternative usually begins when you realize you need to add a rich-text editing feature to your product. After some deep research, you find yourself deciding to
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HTML editor software

Utilizing Froala HTML editor software in Angular standalone component with SSR disabled

Angular 17 gives preference to standalone components in new projects. This streamlines development by eliminating the requirement for NgModules and advocates for a cleaner, modular code design. In this guide,
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visual html editing thumbnail

How to Use a visual html editor for Creating an Online Survey

In the fast-paced world of business, understanding your customers is key. Online surveys have emerged as a powerful tool to gather valuable insights and feedback. But creating effective surveys can
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html to wysiwyg

HTML to WYSIWYG: A guide in 2024

In recent years, HTML and WYSIWYG technologies have been among the biggest changes in web development. By facilitating visual revision and connecting the technical domain of code with the intuitive
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what is a wysiwyg editor thumbnail

Content Creation with WYSIWYG Editors: A Developer’s Guide

In recent years, there has been a noticeable transformation in web development. A simpler and faster method has replaced the time-consuming process of carefully hand-coding each part of a web
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linux html

Web Development on Linux: Choosing WYSIWYG HTML Editors

Web designers and developers maintain their focus on producing aesthetically pleasing and functional web experiences that operate consistently across various browser platforms. When this occurs, Linux WYSIWYG HTML editors are
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integrating Froala with mathType

Simple Integration Guide: Adding Math Equations and Chemistry Formulas to Froala Editor

Wondering how to type math equations and chemistry formulas in Froala Editor? By integrating Froala with MathType, you can easily insert math equations and chemistry formulas in the Froala editor.
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