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Froala Page builder

Integrate A Powerful Real-Time Bootstrap Page Builder With Your JavaScript Apps

The easy-to-use  Froala page builder dashboard empowers its users with an intuitive UI that gives them the flexibility to edit and design custom web pages. The page builder features different
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Boost Productivity With Powerful Online Remote Team Collaboration Whiteboard

The Froala Whiteboard, built on an HTML editor, allows you to add new content just by double-clicking on the team whiteboard. It’s a great place for testing your HTML snippets
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Styling Your Froala HTML Editor

Everything these days can be customized to fit your unique needs and software is no exception! The Froala Editor can be easily tailored to carry your specific brand image. This
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Froala Editor 3.2.6 SDK and Frameworks Release is Available

The Froala team continually strives to improve the quality and features of the products we provide to our community.  Today, we’d like to announce the release of Froala 3.2.6 SDK
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Best HTML WYSIWYG Editor? Tips for choosing the perfect one.

In this era of digital technology and powerful online content, the age old quote ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ couldn’t be more pertinent! Content is everywhere—from blogging platforms,
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Froala Editor 3.3 Sneak Preview

Oh what a year 2020 has been! Even through the turmoil, the Froala team continued to work hard to deliver exciting new products and feature-rich releases to our community. So
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Froala Pages — Your Favorite Page Builder is now a FREE Tool!

Froala Pages, the easy to use design and editing tool for building beautiful websites and web apps just got even better! We are now offering Froala Pages as a FREE
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Froala Product Roadmap

The Froala product team has been working diligently toward adding new features along with quality improvements to enable our users to build better applications using Froala. We’ve been getting requests
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Introducing the New Froala ‘Platinum’ Support Plan!

At Froala, we are committed to providing outstanding service and support to our users. When you become a Froala customer, you are automatically enrolled into the ‘Standard’ support plan which
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Froala Whiteboard – Multiple Editor Instances on a Single Page

We have a number of free tools designed to give developers and non-developers alike the demos that they need to be successful in WYSIWYG editing. One of the most common
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Three women joggers looking at their phones on different web browsers with the title design and editing tools above.

Experience the Power of Froala with Free Editing and Design Tools

The Froala team strives hard to provide the best experiences for creating beautiful web content. While you might be familiar with the Froala WYSIWYG Editor and Froala Pages products, we
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A group of working professionals gathered around one man working on a laptop with text editing tools around them.

Announcing V2.9.7 Release

At Froala, our mission has always been about pushing web editing beyond its conceived limits—this vision has served as the guiding philosophy for all Froala releases from Version 1.x to
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Small man wearing a blue shirt and jeans writing on a document that's laying down on a large laptop.

Doing Wonders With Images In the Froala Editor

Froala Editor can enhance your editing experience by providing methods to customize and manipulate creative images. Read more to learn what's possible!
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Logo for the Froala quick and easy methods to adjust the size of your Froala Editor.

Quick and Easy Methods to Adjust the Size of Your Froala Editor

Froala Editor offers developers the complete flexibility and creativity to adjust the look and feel of the editor to suit their application. In a recent blog post, we discussed how
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Browser with a text editor showing the Froala Inline Editor Demo page bolding the title.

Using Multiple Froala Editors On a Single Webpage

Froala Editor is a lightweight WYSIWYG HTML Editor written in Javascript that enables rich text editing capabilities for your applications. Froala Editor provides users with customizable features and parameters that
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Zoomed in image of a web page being edited with a word editor.

3 Easy Steps to Designing Impressive Email Templates with Froala

Have you ever come across a stunning website, app or an impressive email design that made you stop right there to browse further? Pretty sure we all have—at least once,
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A man with a blue collard shirt and black hair looking into six monitors at his work desk.

Announcing Froala Editor V3.1

Froala Editor V3.1 has officially arrived, and we hope you’re ready because it’s about to take your editing experience to a whole new level. When we released V3.0 back in
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A professional business woman collaborating with a male employee at his computer monitor reviewing a web page.

Froala vs TinyMCE

At Froala, we believe that software should be simple and affordable—the way everything in life should be. Over the past several releases of the Froala WYSIWYG Editor, we have added
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Header with start collaborating better written with a Microsoft Word logo above it.

Real-Time Collaboration in Froala Editor, Powered by

Froala Delivers Froala has always been dedicated to delivering the most highly requested features for Froala Editor to our customers. Last quarter, we introduced the all-new Froala Editor Version 3
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A hand reaching out and handing out a debit card with their thumb covering the card numbers.

Froala transactions now processed by Sencha

Some big changes come in small packages. Froala payment transactions are now processed by Sencha, our sister company at Idera. Although it might seem like a small change, it will
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Future Plans for Froala Editor

Thanks to everyone who provided their feedback and questions for the new version 3 of the Froala Editor! Your comments always help us understand the things that we need to
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Froala logo highlighted in the header block with word editing tools underneath.

The next generation WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Our vision has always been about pushing web editing limits further and further. We are constantly challenging the evolution of WYSIWYG editors and that’s what makes the Froala WYSIWYG HTML
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A man holding a book with a diagram of target goals and success rates for a rocket ship.

Ignition: We support your growth with a 35% discount

All big companies started somewhere; trying to get traction and take off. We’ve been there ourselves and we know that every cent matters. 🤑 We believe that being small shouldn’t
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A man wearing an thick apron and a collard shirt holding a new chalk sign with the saying new release on it.

8 New Awesome Froala Editor Features

In September we opened our roadmap and invited you to vote the features you would love to see implemented. Thanks everyone who took their time to send us their feedback
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The Ext JavaScript logo in blue text with its logo to its left.

Froala WYSIWYG Editor meets ExtJS

Next to the features a developer tool comes with, it’s important how easy we can add such a component to our apps. Froala Editor is a rich text editor made
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A man wearing blue jeans and a large leather watch on his left hand working on a gray laptop on his lap.

Win time by writing your emails in a good WYSIWYG editor

We have plenty of reasons to be obsessed over with user experience when it comes to the Froala WYSIWYG HTML editor. It’s not only about pushing web and mobile editing
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A magician wearing a large Adidas brand hoodie floating a stack of cards with his hands.

Most Wanted Froala Editor Release

I’ve always been amazed of how many feature requests we get each week for the Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor. Just looking at the new release we made today, 2.7.0, and
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A professional man wearing a black shirt working on a line of code on his laptop.

Froala Editor Freelancers

From a business perspective, having the right developers working on your product or service is crucial. Working with freelancers makes this aspect even more important. The resources businesses have to
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A yellow square with an imprint of a gray feather on its top left with the letters J and S on its bottom right.

4 things you should know about small and lightweight Javascript plugins

Javascript has seen a lot of change over the last years and with it, the number of JS plugins available today is huge. I would’ve loved to share an impressive
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A line of code against a glass monitor showing organized lines with unique colored formats.

Top 5 Open Source Myths

Open Source is a long debated topic with lots of misconceptions. As a software engineer with years of experience, I have had the chance to experience both of them, form
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Froala and their letter F logo in bold against a collage background of images and devices.

Help Center

Accurate information is usually just not enough because the way you access it makes information more or less valuable. We demand easy access to it and that doesn’t mean we
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Customer Stories

We usually don’t like to talk about ourselves, but we’re very happy when our customers do. Every day we receive appreciation messages and we have a lot of customers saying
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Several working professional gathered at their stations and machines with a massive laptop at the center.

From Word and Excel to Froala Editor. Will it paste?

Every time we put a new release for the Froala WYSIWYG Editor we are eagerly waiting for your feedback. Yesterday was a special day as we’ve released a new version
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A two way sight with the left pointing to myth and the right pointing to fact.

Common WYSIWYG HTML editor myths

WYSIWYG has quite a history in the software world, the first one being produced in 1974 at Xerox PARC. In all this time, WYSIWYG editors faced with all these myths
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Hands working on a laptop keyboard on a solid table surface against dimmed light.

Accessible. Faster. More Customizable.

In the last months we’ve been working on some great improvements for the Froala Editor. Yesterday we’ve wrapped them together into a new release V2.4.0-rc.1. It is for now a
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Two brick Lego toy sets sitting side-by-side with a black chord connecting the two.

Introducing Froala Editor SDKs

Froala Editor has always been about innovating how WYSIWYG HTML editing works. That starts with how the editor behaves, the features it comes with and goes as far as extending
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A laptop with sunglasses resting on the keyboard with clear frames and lightly tinted shades.

Froala Editor Summer News

Summer is when great things happen and the Froala WYSIWYG Editor is no exception. And I love when I can bring you great news at the end of a long
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Google Chrome brand logo circle atop a large blank canvas without shades.

Notice of Chrome browser problem

You may have heard about some problems with the Froala Editor’s toolbar in Chrome browser recently. We would like to make sure that you have the facts about what happened,
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A hand reaching up and clicking on their mail icon showing three messages.

Styling Emails with WYSIWYG HTML Editors

“An inline style loses many of the advantages of a style sheet (by mixing content with presentation). Use this method sparingly!”, from W3C – CSS How To Forget about that
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A man hopping on a road with a sunny sky and green grass growing around him.

Froala Editor V2 Contest Winners

It was a month full of activity and enthusiasm. The testing contest that we organized for the latest version of the Froala WYSIWYG Editor has ended. Hope you all enjoyed
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A collection of light bulbs coming out from a white box with the lid standing on its side.

Froala Best WYSIWYG Editor Release

At the end of August we were thrilled to present you the newest version of our WYSIWYG editor, and just after 3 weeks we are now even more excited of
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A piece of colored paper with the text I am new in black ink held up by a steel clip.

Hello Froala Editor V2!

I’m very excited to make this announcement and I can’t wait to get your feedback about the version 2 of our WYSIWYG HTML editor. Yes, you’ve read well. The version
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Keep calm and continue testing Froala sign against a red background and bold white font.

Win a Free t-Shirt and a FDF License

We know you were excited about the new Froala Editor version 2, so I’m guessing that you’re already playing with it. If you’re not you should start doing so because
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A young woman wearing jeans and a hoodie running on the shoreline of a cold beach.

The final sprint for V2.0

We know many of you are eagerly waiting to play around with version 2.0 of our WYSIWYG HTML editor and to integrate it into your projects. We’re as excited as
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The date of August first on a calendar with the page moving into the next.

550 days of WYSIWYG

These days we’re wrapping around the version 2.0 of our rich text editor and we’ll bring it in your projects on August 1. On August 1 there are 550 days
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We have a lot of news for you about our WYSIWYG HTML editor. Of course there are good news and… well let’s say slightly less good news. I’m assuming that
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Colorful splotchy art with heavy brush textures fusing colors and shades.

Your Website, Your Design

For the first time in the history of WYSIWYG editors, Froala introduces an easy-to-use customizing tool. It’s a matter of minutes to customize the Froala Editor and make it fit
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Froala Editor logo in red coloring and a pricing tag with the word new on it.

Something New for Everyone

With Froala Editor 1.1.0 we really have no doubt that we have the best WYSIWYG editor. There are a lot of goodies and you’ll find at least one for you
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A zoomed in photograph of a change ahead warning traffic sign against a dark sky.

Froala WYSIWYG Editor Changelog

Froala Team is constantly working to get the WYSIWYG Editor better for you. Our goal is not only to make website editing easy, but also to take the editing experience
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A laptop monitor screen showing a web page titled its time to go online with a zoomed in view of text editing tools.

Froala WYSIWYG Editor

WYSIWYG is an acronym for “What You See Is What You Get”. In computing, a WYSIWYG editor is a chunk of code that allows users to format text inside their
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