Froala & EasyEviction: Enhancing Legal Workflows


WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors have helped countless developers across the globe provide a modern, captivating, and rich editing experience for their users. From Content Management Systems (CMS) to email software and other apps and websites, editors like Froala satisfy various editing requirements. They allow users to create content such as rich text, blog posts, comments, emails, documents, webpages, and a lot more.

A practice management platform is another solid example of a software that greatly benefits from WYSIWYG editors. In this post, we’ll be looking at EasyEviction, a powerful and easy to use practice management platform. Additionally, you’ll get to know how EasyEviction depends on Froala to give their clients the ideal editor. Let’s start by defining what a practice management platform is.

What is a practice management platform? 

A practice management platform (or system) is a software that law firms and legal professionals use to manage business processes. It is involved in different operations of a law firm and has the following features:

  • Managing cases and tasks
  • Managing client information
  • Digitizing and managing documents
  • Managing billing and invoice
  • Creating and customizing workflows
  • Generating reports

These features drastically reduce the effort required for managing a law firm, promoting efficiency and productivity. The best practice management platforms even have additional features like notifications, calendars, online payments, time tracking, and auto-generated paperworks. EasyEviction is one such platform. Let’s discover more about it in the next section. 

About EasyEviction

EasyEviction is a practice management platform that specializes in the legal side of property eviction. Its direct users are law firms and practitioners who, in turn, have property managers and property management offices as clients. 

EasyEviction boasts incredible features for their clients such as the ones we’ve discussed above. It also ensures safer and more convenient payments using credit cards or eChecks. Finally, the platform cuts down plenty of eviction processing time with its workflows and automatic filling out of documents. Aside from helping law firms easily and effectively manage their operations, EasyEviction also provides a client portal for property managers. 

With dashboards, automation, robust core features, a powerful editor, and a deep understanding of their clients’ needs, EasyEviction continues to gain new users while retaining current ones. But as with all platforms and businesses, EasyEviction had to figure out a couple of things to make it work. And that includes finding a suitable WYSIWYG editor. 

EasyEviction’s journey towards finding the WYSIWYG editor that suits them

When EasyEviction was established, one of their major concerns was providing their attorney clients a powerful, extensible, and yet simple WYSIWYG editor. It would fulfill the function of setting up documents and automatically populating them with client-submitted data. They also wanted an editor for email template creation. So, they tried implementing those editing features using both HTML fields and some free JavaScript frameworks. However, those solutions weren’t enough, and there was always something lacking. Eventually, their search led them to Froala. 

“We searched high and low for a commercial editor that provided us with all required bells and whistles, was easy to set up, and was affordable. Luckily, after searching and comparing many editors, Froala Editor checked all the boxes. Best of all, this little widget supported Angular and was super easy to integrate into the site.” 

– Alexander Sukhodolsky, Co-Founder and CEO of EasyEviction

Froala and EasyEviction

After finding and choosing Froala, EasyEviction finally decided that they have the ideal editor for their clients. This helped them focus more on their core features involving eviction management. With the help of Froala, EasyEviction now stands out among the other practice management platforms. And that’s because they have a complete set of features, a clean user interface, and features that offer comfort and convenience, among other reasons. 

Froala streamlines every document-related task for EasyEviction’s clients. Documentation takes plenty of time and effort, after all, so businesses need to save as much time as they can. Using Froala as EasyEviction’s built-in editor, law firms can generate paperwork with form data, greatly increasing efficiency. They can also export documents as PDF and create good-looking email templates. 

Froala just fits perfectly into the EasyEviction platform, and it doesn’t even take much space or load time. Despite its numerous features and modern looks, it can be loaded in less than 40ms. 

Today, EasyEviction is steadily growing, winning new clients and keeping existing clients extremely happy. 

Ready for your own Froala journey? 

Like EasyEviction, you can have your own success story with the Froala Editor. You can start by checking out the kinds of editing features you want included in your project. Afterwards, look at Froala’s 100+ features to determine if your editing requirements will be met. Chances are, Froala has just the features you need. 

You can try Froala Editor for free by clicking here. Test it out, read the docs, see some examples, and explore its plethora of features. And once you feel that Froala is the right editor for you, like EasyEviction has, you can let Froala take care of your editing. 


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Posted on November 17, 2022

Aaron Dumon

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