The Ultimate Checklist For Buying A Ckeditor Alternative

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Modern-day software development is getting more and more efficient by the passing day. We now have tools and methodologies that promise rapid development velocity without compromising software quality. Such tools provide the developer ease-of-use and robust functionalities so they can have a hassle-free and productive development experience. Within the field of web development, one such popular tool is a WYSIWYG editor.

With such an editor, you don’t have to address the development of the webpage and the content layout separately. You can use the webpage as a canvas and design your content for a superior user experience. CKEditor is one such editor famous within the web development community. However, web developers still end up looking for a trustworthy CKEditor alternative to enjoy more robust functionalities and better control of the final result.

Since development teams witness huge boosts in productivity and software quality after switching to WYSIWYG text editors, they are always looking for dependable options. One such popular option is Froala, which comes loaded with features to give you the ultimate JavaScript WYSIWYG text editor experience. 

This article will discuss the main aspects you should seek in the ideal CKEditor alternative and what benefits switching to a better option will bring you.

What Should You Seek In The Performance Of The CKEditor Alternative?

A tool’s performance is among the essential aspects you have to ensure. The software development process requires utmost speed and agility. Additionally, such issues would directly impact the software quality as the development process will become bothersome. Therefore, your chosen WYSIWYG editor should not exhibit performance issues when the development gets complex.  

You should look into whether the text editor is lightweight and efficient. Metrics like initialization time help determine the performance optimization at the back-end. For example, an editor like Froala initializes in less than 40 microseconds. Additionally, the core text editor comes in a zipped file of just 50 KB. Such lightning-fast speed and lightweight nature make the development experience smooth and seamless. 

Should SEO Abilities Matter For The CKEditor Alternative?

The internet is a vast place, and search engines help us explore it more quickly and efficiently. Websites want to be discovered by as many users as possible, and they rely on SEO techniques for this aim. Your chosen WYSIWYG editor will have to come with SEO-friendly features so you can ensure the visibility of your web pages.

The WYSIWYG editor should generate web pages with clean code and SEO-friendly characteristics that help search engines crawl through them better. An editor like Froala also has title linking that makes navigation across web pages more accessible for a better user experience and boosts the SEO of your web project. 

What Security Features Should An Ideal WYSIWYG Editor Have?

Cybersecurity is a significant concern in the technological world, especially on the internet. Hundreds of websites every day come under DDoS attacks and data hacks that leave them vulnerable. Therefore, you must use web development tools that ensure the security of your web projects from major cybersecurity concerns. This applies to your chosen WYSIWYG editor too.

The text editor should have mechanisms to protect itself from any hacks or attacks. For example, Froala has the utmost safety features that ward off dangerous XSS attacks. Developing your web project with Froala is a majorly safe experience. However, you should still set up additional checks on your servers too.

How Would The Best CKEditor Alternative Aid Developers?

WYSIWYG editors are mainly development tools, and they should come up with the right features to help developers make better web projects. Such features will ensure that developers have maximum productivity and deliver on the quality front. Therefore, assess your development habits and see what WYSIWYG editors come with features to support them.

An ideal CKeditor alternative will come loaded with helpful features for developers. An industry-leading product like Froala gives developers a rich API interface for seamless integration and interaction with the editor. Additionally, developers don’t worry about losing work since Froala auto-saves it as it happens. With such features, developers can focus on creating robust web pages with satisfactory user experiences.

Should The WYSIWYG Editor Support Extensive Customization?

One of the primary incentives of using a powerful WYSIWYG text editor in the first place is customization. Each developer creates software under different methodologies and often customizes their tools. After all, it is an easier option than searching for and switching to another option. Therefore, ensure that you can customize your chosen editor to your needs and requirements.

The massive popularity of Froala among the developer community as the ideal CKeditor alternative is mainly thanks to its support for customization. Features are plugin-based, so you can remove or add more as needed. Additionally, you can move around features and customize toolbars as you see fit. Froala gives you the freedom to shape your development experience and create quality web projects.

What Content Features Should I Expect From The Ideal CKEditor Alternative?

Most developers get interested in a WYSIWYG text editor when they learn how much control it gives you over the web page’s content. You get to decide the final layout directly and don’t have to worry if the final rendering will be any different. Since content is crucial for a superior WYSIWYG development experience, your chosen editor should offer you features to shape your content as you require.

A WYSIWYG editor like Froala is well-known for its extensive content customization abilities. You can even customize minor details such as fonts, dropdowns, buttons, and popups. You can seamlessly integrate media files into your web pages and control how users interact with them. Froala also supports data tables, and users can even apply spreadsheet operations.

Do Productivity Features Matter When Looking For An Ideal CKEditor Alternative?

WYSIWYG editors are tools dedicated to both web development and content editing. While they should come with features that enable a robust development experience, they should also have solid content editing abilities. Such a mix of features helps developers be thoroughly productive in both regards and deliver an incredible web project.

Your chosen CKeditor alternative needs to have productivity features that help save crucial time and effort. For example, Froala comes with diverse features that allow you to handle multiple facets of the web page. Such features include image editors, spelling and grammar checkers, math editors, and tools to manage embedded content.

What Support Features Should The WYSIWYG JavScript Editor Provide?

Each web development tool comes with its specific learning curve. Therefore, you must have support as you get accustomed to the tool and learn its features. The ideal WYSIWYG editor will provide the resources and support systems you need to start developing and creating quality web pages as soon as possible. 

Thankfully Froala comes with all that you require to start working with it in no time. You get extensive documentation that covers each detail of development with Froala. Additionally, you receive dedicated customer support to help you out if you face any difficulties. There are tons of examples available for your reference as well. Froala is a free alternative to CKEditor. It is a powerful and user-friendly WYSIWYG HTML editor. Froala has a modern design, is mobile friendly, and comes with a variety of plugins to extend its functionality. It also has an easy-to-use user interface that allows users to create beautiful web content quickly and easily. Furthermore, Froala offers a wide range of tools and features, such as simple image uploading, improved file management, and complete control over content formatting. Froala is a great free alternative to CKEditor for users who want a simple, fast, and powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Want to try out a feature-packed and lightweight CKeditor alternative? Head over to Froala today and see what kind of seamless experiences a solid WYSIWYG editor can provide.




Can I use Froala for free?

Yes, you can use Froala for free for 30 days. However, you would need to purchase a license to continue using it without a watermark.

Is TinyMCE free for commercial use?

Yes, TinyMCE is free for commercial use.

Is CKEditor a WYSIWYG?

Yes, CKEditor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. It is a web-based rich text editor that provides users with a wide range of tools for editing HTML and other web-based content.


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Posted on November 8, 2022

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