Free WYSIWYG Editor: Easy Path to Success

Why It's Easier To Succeed With A Free WYSIWYG Editor Than You Might Think

A WYSIWYG or ‘What You See Is What You Get’ editor shows you what your web page looks like in a web browser as you create it. They essentially allow you to create stylish websites with properly formatted content without writing complex, lengthy code. An efficient free WYSIWYG Editor comes with an easy-to-use toolbar, keyboard shortcuts,  and other features that allow you to easily add or edit content, images, videos, tables, or links. A WYSIWYG editor saves time and makes web content creation quick and easy.

Whether you’re a beginner with limited HTML knowledge or an expert with a deep understanding of HTML coding, a WYSIWYG editor can help you. If you’re looking for a powerful free WYSIWYG editor, then Froala is the best option.

This article will show you how a free WYSIWYG editor like Froala can help you succeed.

How Does a WYSIWYG Editor Work?

A WYSIWYG editor usually consists of two windows. These two windows or tabs are placed side by side. One window shows how your web content will appear in a web browser. The other window displays the corresponding HTML code. As you edit and format the content in the WYSIWYG window, the HTML code in the other window automatically updates. Expert developers with advanced HTML coding knowledge can directly write or edit code in the HTML window. Doing this will automatically update content in the WYSIWYG window.

Here is the interface of the Froala WYSIWYG editor:


What Key Features Let You

Quickly Edit HTML Documents ?

Some WYSIWYG editors only come with basic HTML features, but if you’re using Froala HTML editor, you get more than 100 basic and advanced editing features for different use cases.

Some of the basic features of Froala free WYSIWYG HTML editor include:

    • Basic and advanced styling options, including italic, bold, font size, font family, background colors, and more
    • Numbered and bulleted lists
    • Paragraph formatting, line spacing, indentation, etc.
    • Full-screen option for those who prefer a large editing space
    • Undo and redo options
    • Clean HTML output

Froala HTML editor also comes with many other useful features that we’ll discuss next.

Can I also Insert Images and Videos?

With the Froala WYSIWYG HTML editor, you can definitely insert media files like images, videos, and audio into your web pages. Froala is also the first WYSIWYG editor that lets you resize images and videos. And that’s not all! You can even change the alignment of the images, reposition them, convert them into links, and more. Similarly, you get several video formatting options, like changing the alignment of videos and previewing videos directly from the editor’s interface.

Does a Free WYSIWYG Editor Come with a Customizable Toolbar for Quick Editing?

Not every free WYSIWYG editor comes with toolbar customization options. You do, however, get a customizable toolbar if you’re using the Froala WYSIWYG editor. This means you can customize the Froala toolbar to include the tools you use the most and remove the ones you rarely use to make editing even more quick and easy. The Froala toolbar can accommodate over 100 features at a time, and you can change the order of the tools as you like.

Froala also lets you adjust the position of the WYSIWYG editor toolbar. You can make the toolbar sticky and fix it at the top so it doesn’t move as you scroll down. You can also stick the toolbar at the bottom or set an offset to ensure the toolbar doesn’t overlap with your webpage’s header.

Can I Extend the Basic Functionality of A WYSIWYG Editor?

Sometimes when you working on a complex website, you need additional editing features. That’s where you can use Froala plug-ins. The Froala WYSIWYG HTML editor comes with over 30 plug-ins that provide access advanced features, such as emoticons, lists, spell and grammar checks, tables (including basic and advanced editing options for rows and cells), and more. You can even create custom plug-ins based on your requirements.

Does a WYSIWYG Editor also Help You Quickly Type Math Equations?

Not every free WYSIWYG editor helps you with writing math equations. With the Froala HTML editor, however, you can quickly and easily type or write any math equation or chemical formula with its MathType editor. This feature makes it a perfect tool for learning management apps as well.

Does a WYSIWYG Editor Allow You to Track Changes?

With the Froala WYSIWYG HTML editor, you can definitely track changes in the editor in real-time for better collaboration. This means you can see changes, such as deleted or new text and different formatting and styling changes to tables, images, or text. This is again a great feature for learning management applications as well.

Can You Write Content in Languages Other than English?

Different websites have different requirements. For example, you may need to write content in a language other than English, such as Arabic or Farsi. That’s why the Froala WYSIWYG HTML editor has full right to left (RTL) support for many languages. The best part is that the efficient HTML shifts automatically in RTL mode for a natural feel.

Is It Easy to Integrate a Free WYSIWYG Editor with Your Apps?

It depends on which WYSIWYG Editor you are using. If you’re using the Froala HTML editor, you can integrate it with your apps quickly and easily using its powerful APIs for developers. These APIs are pretty easy to use and have extensive documentation. The documentation consists of tons of examples for API methods, events, and options to make integration with apps even easier. You can also try API functionality like Live Content Preview, Live Code Preview, and more.

You can integrate Froala’s APIs with any of your apps built with popular frameworks like Angular, React JS, Django, JavaScript, and more.

Which is the Best WYSIWYG Editor That can Help You Succeed?

With more than 100 basic and advanced features, such as fonts, emoticons, resizing images and videos, customizable toolbar, custom themes, numbered and bulleted lists, and RTL support, Froala is the best free WYSIWYG editor. Froala is also the leading WYSIWYG HTML editor on G2. This reputed website ranks software and apps based on unbiased user reviews, customer satisfaction, and market presence. The top position of Froala on G2 shows that it comes with all the useful features that users want from a WYSIWYG editor.

Do you want to make appealing web pages quickly and easily? Start using Froala WYSIWYG editor today and experience the best editing features!


Posted on April 21, 2022


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