How a Visual HTML Editor Can Streamline Your Work

Many of you probably heard of visual HTML editors, while some of you prefer the classic way of developing which is just pure raw code. While that may useful, it’s not as efficient. You see, visual HTML editors vastly improve the speed of your work. I’m sure some of you found yourselves struggling to create visually appealing and functional websites from scratch, especially if you’re a beginner. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at the many conveniences of using visual HTML editors and how they can streamline your work.

What are Visual HTML Editors?

Definition and Overview

Visual HTML editors enable developers to create stunning web pages without having to literally write every line of code. This makes it easier and faster to create complex layouts and designs quickly. This also allows you to add themes throughout your project with just a click of a button and also allows you to drag and drop elements.

Moreover, visual editors also improve the quality of your code ensuring it is clean, well-structured, and consistent. This reduces the number of errors since you can automate the whole process.

To do this, you can use a graphical user interface (GUI). These editors allow developers to add elements to the page such as images, text, forms, tables, and more without having to write the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code manually.

The main benefit of using these editors is it saves the developer a tremendous amount of time. For example, by using drag-and-drop functionality, developers can quickly position elements to the page without having to do trial-and-error coding.

It also tends to generate clean, well-structured, and consistent code. This is especially helpful for beginners who tend to make simple mistakes without a strong background in coding. But they can be also very helpful to experienced developers. The editors can produce prototype designs and developers can refine and customize it manually after.

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Froala’s Advanced Key Features and Benefits

Here at Froala, we offer advanced features that help developers streamline their workflow. Here are some key features and benefits that empower our users:

  1. Text Formatting: Froala offers all the basic styling features such as bold, italic, underline, alignment, and more. We also offer advanced styling options with the use of plugins like font family, font size, etc. With over 30+ plugins to choose from, you’ll be able to stylize your work in a unique manner.
  2. Custom Themes: Our WYSIWYG HTML editor can fit virtually any website. It has two themes, default, and dark themes. But it doesn’t stop there, you can create your own custom themes that will go well with the overall color of your website using the LESS theme file.
  3. Customizable Toolbar: The toolbar is very customizable. It can be tailored to fit your needs when you add frequently used tools and by removing the ones you rarely use. It’s order of tools can also be changed as well as the control of the functionality of the toolbar on different screens.
  4. Custom Style: Froala’s one-of-a-kind customizer tool allows you to select from five editor styles that can cater to different use cases. These are classic, document ready and Inline, edit in popup, and full-page.
  5. Image and Video Editing: You can resize, reposition, align, replace, delete, and convert images to links directly from the editor’s interface. Similarly, you are able to align, remove, and preview the videos as well.
  6. Table Editing: Froala makes it easy to add tables as well as perform basic and advanced operations when it comes to tables. You can even edit the entire table or even resize it for a neat and tidy look.

Advantages of Froala’s Visual HTML Editors

Froala has several advantages over manual hand-coding making it a preferable choice for web developers. Here are some of its advantages:

  1. Faster development cycle: Froala makes it easy for developers to create web pages thanks to its WYSIWYG interface. Developers can immediately see the element’s changes in real time.
  2. Easy integration with existing platforms: Froala is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing frameworks as well as third-party tools to improve the framework’s functionality. Developers are able to incorporate the editor into their current workflow without much hassle thanks to Froala’s documentation. This details how Froala can integrate Froala in your web.
  3. Increased efficiency: Because Froala’s visual HTML editor works similarly to a word processor, developers can treat it like one. There’s no need to add HTML code for bold, italic, underline, etc. as Froala does this automatically.
  4. High-quality and consistent code: The editor’s automatic code generation guarantees that the code being output is clean, valid, optimized, consistent, and most importantly, free from errors.
  5. Advanced customization options: Froala offers advanced customization options which allow developers to create unique user experiences. They can create custom elements, components, and styling which align with their project. With this, developers can create websites that are totally unique.

Examples of Benefits in Design and Functionality

Froala offers numerous benefits for design and functionality. Let’s explore these in more detail:

  1. Intuitive interface: The visual HTML editor provides an intuitive interface that looks like the typical word processors nowadays. Even non-developers would easily be able to navigate through Froala’s interface.
  2. Drag-and-drop: One of the functionalities that make Froala an easy editor is its drag-and-drop functionality. This allows users to easily add elements by literally just dragging and dropping them on the canvas.
  3. Multi-column layouts: This enables users to create complex page structures easily. The feature gives users the flexibility to create different layout designs with ease.
  4. Dynamic content: The editor comes equipped with templates, widgets, and various dynamic content that lets users handpick designs and import them to their work.
  5. Media file support: Support for various media files including images, video, and audio are included in the editor making it easier for users to incorporate media into their design. This makes it even more engaging and dynamic.

Automation of HTML Code Generation

As we’ve mentioned earlier, automating code generation has numerous benefits such as reduced errors and fast development time. Automation of code is a game-changer for web developers saving time and effort but at the same time producing high-quality and consistent code. We’ll now explore the advantages of automating HTML code generation and how this can greatly benefit beginners and advanced programmers alike.

  1. Error-free code: Automation’s biggest advantage is that it most of the time generates code that is free from errors. Developers of the tool ensure that code generated works ensuring you, the developer get high-quality code. Unlike manual coding, developers can sometimes make mistakes that lead to a broken website with malfunctions. 
  2. Keep track of changes: As your project progresses and evolves, more changes are made. By automating the HTML code, developers are able to track these changes. This makes sure that the code remains consistent throughout the project.
  3. Lessens manual coding time: By automating simple code, developers can focus on code that requires more attention and ensure the rest just works.
  4. Provides flexibility for beginners and advanced coders: The code generated can be suitable for different levels of users. The high-quality code that is automatically generated benefits both beginners and advanced users, without requiring any additional coding knowledge.
  5. Hastens testing and debugging: With automated code, testing, and debugging become an easier task. Automated code generation results in code that is easier to read, track errors, and fix. Well-organized code is also faster to debug.

HTML code generation offers a number of advantages for web developers. From generating error-free code to saving time, automation will vastly improve and hasten your development.

We at Froala continue to improve and are steadily evolving to be able to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology and web development. Here are some of the improvements we expect in the near future:

  • Framework integration: Froala is expected to integrate more seamlessly with new and emerging technologies and frameworks.
  • Advanced customizations: Froala is expected to include more advanced options for adding animations and effects to web pages for better engagement.
  • Powerful features within the editor: Because of the increasing complexity of web development, more powerful features emerge to help developers build even more complex applications. We expect Froala to integrate or even add such features to the editor.
  • Improvements to existing features: Of course, we will never neglect our basic and existing features. With the help of your feedback, we will continuously improve these features.
  • More accessibility options: We hope to have a more inclusive feature, hence we plan to have more accessibility options for disabled people such as the visually impaired.
  • Continued support and updates: The editor and its users will continue to have regular support and updates to ensure the tool is reliable and up to par with your standards. This includes bug fixes, security updates, and other improvements.


Froala and visual HTML editors in general have numerous advantages over traditional hand-coding. And Froala has various advantages to help developers improve and streamline their workflow for faster and hassle-free development. Besides that, Froala has plans in the future to give additional support to developers with new features and updates to make our editor remain an indispensable tool for web developers. And if you want to learn more, here are some of the best-kept secrets about Froala.

Posted on May 3, 2023

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