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A WYSIWYG Editor Angular Developers Can Use to Make Coding

A WYSIWYG Editor Angular Developers Can Use to Make Coding Easy We live in a time where developers need to rapidly yet carefully build and deploy applications or websites. To
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Know The Best React Markdown Editor Components for Your App

You might not notice it, but Markdown is a huge part of the internet today. Whenever people send stylish messages or post formatted content, they use Markdown. Various popular platforms
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Sencha GRUI for React Applications

When it comes to displaying a large amount of data, you have to make sure your application renders the data very fast, has a great UI, and is reliable. Grids
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React WYSIWYG HTML Editor – Why it’s helpful for developers

React WYSIWYG HTML Editor – How helpful is it for developers? Photo by Lautaro Andreani on Unsplash React, an open source JavaScript library developed by Meta (formerly Facebook), is one
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Froala v4.0.15

Froala Editor 4.0.15 Released: XSS vulnerability resolved

Froala is continuously updating its editor to make it more secure and intuitive so that everyone can enjoy a great content editing experience. 4.0.15 Release The long-awaited 4.0.15 release of
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Text Editors in 2022: Why It’s Still Important for Editing

Introduction A text editor is one of the most popular and relevant pieces of software. And that still applies today, because making software nowadays involves using plenty of tools that
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Code Better with Froala’s Enhanced Documentation

  We’ve recently refreshed the Froala docs to provide you a better reading experience. The documentation pages should now be able to give you the information you need faster with
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