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Web Development Game Changer: Froala New Releases

Froala Word Count Feature

Enhance Your Editing with Froala 4.2: Word Count and MS Word Pasting Improvements

We are super excited to announce the release of Froala 4.2, which introduces the new Word Counter. This feature was highly requested by our users and we are thrilled to
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Froala 4.1.4 release

Froala 4.1.4 Release: XSS Vulnerability, Enhancements

We are excited to share Froala version 4.1.4, addressing security vulnerabilities, improving stability, boosting performance, and delivering an enhanced user experience. Update now and enjoy a better Froala. Our commitment
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Froala 4.1.3 for Enhanced Security and Performance

We are always trying to make web writing tools better, and we stress how important it is to switch to Froala version 4.1.3. It’s important to understand that this update
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Froala Release 4.1.3

Froala 4.1.3 Release – XSS vulnerability resolved, and more

We are pleased to announce the release of Froala version 4.1.3. This release is a must-have for all users as it addresses critical security vulnerabilities, ensures stability, improves performance, and
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Customizing Link Styles

Customizing Link Styles with Froala WYSIWYG Editor in React

The Froala WYSIWYG Editor streamlines content creation and editing for websites. Its vast array of features positions it as a go-to for developers keen on integrating rich text editing into
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Froala 4.1.2 release – Typescript Support Enhancements

A new Froala Editor release is here, packed with exciting TypeScript support enhancements. Say hello to Froala 4.1.2. This new version has a lot of improvements to quality and stability,
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Why Froala 4.1.1 is Essential: A Quick Recap

Hello developers! A while back, we unveiled Froala V4.1.1, an iteration that succeeded our much-acclaimed V4.1 release. In case you missed out, this update came with a host of improvements
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Typescript Support

Froala V4.1.1 release: Enhancing Typescript Support

Today, we are delighted to introduce Froala V4.1.1, an update that builds upon the successes of our best release ever with Froala v4.1 which introduced updated LTS support for React,
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Core Editor Improvments

A look inside the core editor improvements in Froala 4.1

Most JavaScript developers prefer modern libraries and frameworks for coding due to their ability to create web applications that are not only fast and scalable but also easy to maintain.
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How to Integrate angular

How to Integrate Froala with Angular

Before diving in, it’s crucial to understand why you might want to use Froala. Apart from its rich set of features, it’s customizable, intuitive, and plays well with frameworks like
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Core editor improvments

Introducing Froala Editor v4.1: The Long-Awaited Update Packed with Modern Framework Compatibility!

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of Froala, the WYSIWYG rich text editor, that everyone eagerly awaits. This new release comes with game-changing features that enhance compatibility with
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Froala Editor 4.0.19

Froala V4.0.19 released

We are delighted to announce the new release of Froala Editor, the next-generation WYSIWYG HTML editor that’s easy to integrate with any web application, and your users will fall in
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Froala editor v4.0.18

Froala V4.0.18: Copy and Paste Images Made Better

The Froala Editor team is excited to announce the release of Froala Editor 4.0.18. This new version has a lot of improvements to quality and stability, as well as fixes
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Froala 4.0.17

Froala Editor 4.0.17 Released: Improving Convenience and User Experience

Froala always brings more stability and quality improvements with each new release. Our goal is to keep delivering the best WYSIWYG editing experience at affordable prices to our customers. Our
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Froala editor v4.0.16

Froala Editor V4.0.16: Quality and Stability Improvements

Today, we are excited to introduce Froala’s 4.0.16 release. It is another release built around you with a focus on quality enhancements, stability improvements, and fixes for customer-reported issues. Because
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Froala v4.0.15

Froala Editor 4.0.15 Released: XSS vulnerability resolved

Froala is continuously updating its editor to make it more secure and intuitive so that everyone can enjoy a great content editing experience. 4.0.15 Release The long-awaited 4.0.15 release of
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Froala WYSIWYG editor v4.0.14

Froala Editor 4.0.14 — Additional XSS Vulnerability Protection, Improved API, Tables Headers, and Much More!

We love to hear from our customers and resolve any issues they may have had. In order to support our clients, we release a new version of the editor every
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New Release: Froala Editor 4.0.13

    Froala’s goal has always been to offer the most powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor available. The fact that we have been ranked on G2 as the top WYSIWYG editor
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Froala Editor V4.0.12

New Release: Froala Editor 4.0.12

Froala WYSIWYG Editor is Back With Some Big News! We’re committed to producing a high-quality WYSIWYG editor and today we’re pleased to announce the 12th release of Froala Version 4.
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Froala Editor 4.0.11

Froala Editor V4.0.11: New Table Option,and Much More!

Reaching the top is hard, but staying there is harder. That’s why we periodically release a new Froala Editor version every 30 – 45 days. Being ranked #1 for WYSIWYG
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Froala Editor V4.0.10 — Improved Toolbar, Pop-up Positioning, and Much More!

Innovating WYSIWYG HTML editing has always been a core goal of Froala, which is why we are constantly improving our editor. And today, we’re pleased to announce the release of
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Graphic announcing Froala WYSIWYG Editor Release V4.0.9 on a blue background.

New Release: Froala Editor 4.0.9

Froala WYSIWYG Editor is back with some big news! We’re committed to producing a high-quality WYSIWYG editor. We’re also pleased to announce the release of our ninth major product version
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Froala Editor V4.0.8 — Enhanced Same Page Multi-Editor

Froala is back with some big news! Froala is excited to announce the release of its eighth major product version in the last six months! Version 4.0.8 comes with a
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Froala Editor V4.0.7 — Awesome Improvements For Top Features

Froala Editor is here with a new update! We’re back at it again with an update for your favorite Markdown Editor. We’ve been working hard to bring you all the
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Froala Version 4.0.6, emphasizing the latest updates and features.

Froala V4.0.6—The Most Powerful WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Froala is back with some big news! 🎉 The all-new Froala Editor V4.0.6  has arrived, bringing the most performant version of our market-leading WYSIWYG editor to our global developer community.
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Thumbnail for a blog post on Next-Generation WYSIWYG Editing, focusing on advanced editing features.

Froala v4.0 —The Next Generation of WYSIWYG Editing

The latest and greatest milestone update for Our Best Wysiwyg HTML Editor, Froala Editor v4.0, was released today. The HTML Editor has undergone numerous changes and improvements, which you will
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New Patch Release: Froala Editor v3.2.7

The Editor 3.2.7 patch release focuses on the stability, quality, and security of Our Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor, addressing 40+ customer-reported tickets in the new patch release. This includes improvements
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Froala Editor 3.2.6 SDK and Frameworks Release is Available

The Froala team continually strives to improve the quality and features of the products we provide to our community.  Today, we’d like to announce the release of Froala 3.2.6 SDK
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Froala Editor 3.3 Sneak Preview

Oh, what a year 2020 has been! Even though the turmoil, the Froala team continued to work hard to deliver exciting new products like the HTML Editor and feature-rich releases
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Announcing v3.2—the New Froala Editor

Today marks the release of Froala Editor v3.2, the latest and greatest milestone update for Our Best WYSIWYG HTML Editor with the new features, updates, and improvements on v3.2. You
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A group of working professionals gathered around one man working on a laptop with text editing tools around them.

Announcing V2.9.7 Release

At Froala, our mission has always been about pushing web editing beyond its conceived limits—this vision has served as the guiding philosophy for all Froala releases from Version 1.x to
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A man with a blue collard shirt and black hair looking into six monitors at his work desk.

Announcing Froala Editor V3.1

Froala Editor V3.1 has officially arrived, and we hope you’re ready because it’s about to take your editing experience to a whole new level. When we released V3.0 back in
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