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Something New for Everyone

With Froala Editor 1.1.0 we really have no doubt that we have the best WYSIWYG editor. There are a lot of goodies and you'll find at least one for you too.

There may be over 360 million native English speakers around the world, but we care about all our users. That's why we introduced language support. For the moment we have 28 languages, picked according to the highest number of visitors on for each language. We'll continue adding languages by this criteria, but if you don't find your language in the list and you need it ASAP then send us a message and we'll make it a priority. We're not experts in linguistics or anything like it, but we gave our best to get the perfect translation. Still if you think there's something that can be improved please contact us.

Froala WYSIWYG Editor will always offer your website a modern feel. Design trends are in a continuous change and we are continuously working to keep up with what's new. You can either use the editor with its normal skin or you can choose the inverse skin, you'll love them both.

There's a saying: "A picture is worth a thousand words", just imagine now how many words a video is worth. Starting with this version we also added video support.

We really appreciate your feedback and we are always taking it into consideration. So you can now pass additional parameters to save and image upload requests and the editor will be initialized by default with a <p> tag, check out the paragraphy option.

Froala Editor 1.1.0 brings in a lot of new and cool features that boost it at the top of the WYSIWYG editors hierarchy. It is clearly the choice you will make if you want to impress your clients and users.

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