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We have a lot of news for you about our WYSIWYG HTML editor. Of course there are good news and... well let's say slightly less good news. I’m assuming that you would rather hear the good news first so I'll start with those.

New release

3 months since the last release (February 22), we're releasing a new version today: 1.2.7. It fixes the issues you reported and adds in few new options and events to increase the editor's flexibility. We can’t wait for you to test it, give us your feedback as usually and why not let us know what you don’t like.

We're in a continuous pursuit of perfection and every release is an exiting moment for us. We are anxious to get feedback from you and always hope for the best. We are grateful for all your appreciations and we are really happy that you are enjoying our WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Time for a change

We are very proud of the performance our editor achieved in only one year. However, it is time for a change! We learned a lot from the issues that were there in version 1.* and with that in mind we’re currently working on a better, improved 2.0.0 version for the editor. We’re keeping all the great stuff you loved in the first version and we're pushing forward the WYSIWYG web editing limits.

We started the new version from scratch, rewriting the entire core of the editor on a modular design just to make it more powerful, easier to extend and use. It will come with new tools that no other WYSIWYG HTML editor has, which will further push the editing limits. We’re very excited of how it comes along and we're currently focusing all our resources on that hoping to have it ready in few weeks.

Take your time

No, you don’t have to rush to upgrade to the new version. We’ll continue to support the version 1.2.* until September 2015. Although we’re releasing a completely new version, we'll keep fixing the issues that might appear in last version just to make the upgrade to version 2 as smooth as possible. Also, there will be a detailed upgrade guide highlighting every small step that you should do.

Dropping Non Commercial

Now let’s get to the part that we’re not so excited about. We are very sorry to announce that starting with version 1.2.7 we’re dropping the Non Commercial License. We took this decision because of the high number of requests for NC license that we get without enough details. We get dozens of emails daily with too few or no details for evaluating the website in order to offer a free license.

It was our pleasure to offer Non Commercial Licenses to big universities and some important nonprofit organizations. This is something that we freely chose to do and we expected some respect in return. We were very disappointed by the attitude of some developers that contacted us saying "Send me a free license.", no "please", no "thanks" no nothing. And that's not it, we had developers that tried to fool us and even insulted us because we refused to offer them a Non Commercial License for what they called "nonprofit" website.


I lied, I don't want to end with bad news, so I still have one more announcement to make that you will cheer you up. Despite dropping the Non Commercial License, our WYSIWYG HTML Editor will still be available for download on our pricing page. This offers you the possibility to take our editor for a spin before actually purchasing a license, without spending any money. If you are the owner of a Non Commercial License, don't worry you can still use it just like you did so far.

If you have any suggestions or remarks you can always contact us or just leave us a comment bellow.

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