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Colorful splotchy art with heavy brush textures fusing colors and shades.

Your Website, Your Design

For the first time in the history of WYSIWYG editors, Froala introduces an easy-to-use customizing tool. It's a matter of minutes to customize the Froala Editor and make it fit perfectly on your website.

Make a great first impression. It's not hard, but it is crucial in capturing visitors' interest. Design is what makes users decide whether they'll stay or leave your website. Amazingly, it takes less than 50 milliseconds for this to happen. It's faster than the blink of an eye, so keep on reading and pay attention.

Of course, we're all using external plugins, after all they make our lives easier. But the impact they may have on our website must not be overlooked. You don't want to create a puzzle with pieces that don't bind properly. No matter how well some plugins may look, without a personal touch you will not be able to avoid the puzzle effect.

The easy-to-use tool that I mentioned early is exactly what you need. It's a tool that allows you to customize almost every detail of our WYSIWYG editor making it unique. A preview is always available and when you're done, go ahead and download it.

With 74 variables that can be customized, the number of possible combinations it's basically endless (you do the math). In addition, there are 16,777,216 web colors, so you can definitely create the perfect WYSIWYG editor theme for your website.

What's customizable? Every single aspect of the editor is customizable. Basic gray colors used allover, toolbar, editable area, buttons, dropdowns, popups, image, media manager, video and the HTML view.

What can be changed? Of course colors everywhere, border style, width and radius, button size, font size, font family, image handlers, image and video margins and the list can go on, but you won't understand how excited we are about this until you discover and test them all by yourself.

Remember: don't compromise design over functionality. It may work flawless, but if it doesn't look great no one will ever know it. I'm wondering how many of you have achieved higher satisfaction just by appealing to your users' sense of beauty. Tell us about your experience in the comments bellow.

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