20 Fun Facts About A Great Ckeditor Alternative

In computing, WYSIWYG, an acronym for What You See Is What You Get, is a system in which editing software allows content to be edited in a form that resembles its appearance when printed or displayed as a finished product, such as a printed document, web page, or slide presentation.

Microsoft Word is an example of a word processing program designed as a WYSIWYG editor because you see immediately what you changed in the document. Still, you do not see the program instructions in the source code.

In this article, you will learn some fun facts about a great CKEditor alternative, that is Froala WYSIWYG editor.

What are the Fun Facts About A Great CKEditor Alternative?

Following are some of the fun facts about Froala editor:

What is the Difference Between Rich Text Editor and Plain Text Editor?

The common thing in the rich text editor and the plain text editor is that with a rich text editor, you can still add things like bolding your text, using italics, strikethrough, underlining, changing the format if you want a title or a heading. Of course, in the Froala editor, you can easily move pieces of it up or down, make the text bigger or smaller, link the text, or cancel them to clear the format to make it back as it was before.

Does Froala Have Good Performance?

Froala Editor is one of the most potent Javascript-rich text editors in every single aspect. It is designed with performance in mind and will withstand the most rigorous tests.

Do Developers Like Froala Editor?

We have made our editor by keeping the requirements of the developers in mind. As a result, Froala supports powerful API, client frameworks, and server Integrations.

Do Developers Like Froala Editor?

We have made our editor by keeping the requirements of the developers in mind. As a result, Froala supports powerful API, client frameworks, and server Integrations.

Are There Styling Color Themes in Froala?

If you want to customize your website, you can change the default theme of Froala editor to the one that better fits your website’s color palette. You can also create your theme and customize the rich text editor’s interface the way you want.

How do I Use the Fullscreen Plugin?

Froala already has a fullscreen button that expands the editing area to the whole webpage space. The fullscreen button is located by default under the More Misc menu.

How to Highlight in Froala?

You can also personalize your text or highlight it. Moreover, you can use variables; for example, create variables for users if you have the name of your subscribers in your database.

Does Froala Have Emojis?

Froala also has have emojis. You can add emojis by searching from the list or inserting emojis using text shortcuts in some editors. The editor uses in-house-made SVG icons, scalable vectorial icons that look gorgeous at any size.

How to Add an Image in Froala?

Froala WYSIWYG editor has an image block to add and edit an image. Then you can use a slider to make it smaller or bigger. Some editors allow you to edit an image by simply double-clicking the image, which will enable you to start editing the block. You can click the image icon, choose one of the images or upload it from your device. Some third-party editors allow you to edit the image; for example, if you want to go with black and white, you can do that and then save it. You can also change the image’s dimensions by dragging it up or down or aligning it to the left, right, or center.

How to Insert Tables in Froala?

You can also add tables and edit them in Froala. For example, you can add more rows, more columns, add zebra striping to your tables. Also, you can add a table header with different styles and change the borders here of the table.

How to Add Your Customized Signature in Froala?

You can also add your email signature, and this is pretty cool. You can start drawing your signature, then apply it to show. If the drawn signature does not look too good, you can type in your name for signature to try different fonts or upload a file if you want.

How to Add Buttons in Froala?

Then you have the button, and you can add multiple features or editing options to it. For example, you can enter the URL to have it open in a new tab, set the alignment if you want it to be in the middle, to the left, to the right, or full width, change the colors, and much more.

How to Add Quotes in Your Froala Editor?

Then there is a quote block, and usually, the changes applied to a quote or code block are set globally and applied to all the blocks. You can change the color, the width to be a little smaller or bigger, etc.

Just a click, and you can use this feature in Froala Editor.

How to Edit Global Settings in Froala?

You can also make global changes. If you want to change, for example, the text globally, you can go ahead and do that. If you change the color of one of the text sections, that will not change the color of the entire text.

How to Use Video Addition Feature in Froala? 

Then you also have the video block, which is pretty cool. You can click on the video option and input, let us say, a youtube video link to create a static image or gif an animated image. When someone clicks that video, it will link to the source and play that video. However, instead of linking it to the source, you can also link it somewhere else, like selecting the open link in the new tab option. 

Also, you can change some of the settings again if you want it to align to the left or the right, but this will change only when we use the custom width, and then you see all the changes going on there before you save it.

You can also add social images; when you click that option, you can see multiple options like inserting social media links such as a Facebook link. You can look for the specific one by using the search feature or just going through and finding the one you are looking for. In the settings, you can also align this to the center; for example, if it is at the bottom of the page, you can use center or not just keep it to the left, set the shape to circles or squares, choose colors of black or gray.

All social media platforms can be linked to your write-up with Froala Editor.

How to Edit Pre-Header Text in Froala Editor?

Other global settings include the pre-header; this is what people will see after the subject line in their email client. You can add some more text if you want, you can change the fonts for all of the text in your email, you can change the header to any heading. Then you have options to have full width or limited width, and instead of having it centered, you can also align it to the left, which is more like the traditional email the old school email type.

How to Maintain Version History: A Feature of Froala?

There is also an option to control the version history. So instead of using ctrl+z all the time, you can directly jump to a particular version with specific changes. This is helpful if you want to make any changes or undo some of the changes.

Preview and Testing in Froala?

Then there is a preview and test option; you can send a test email. Just enter your email and click send test or cancel it and see the preview mode to know how people see your text. You can also preview it in the mobile view, and you can also save everything as a PDF.

How to Add Dynamic Content in Froala?

Froala has this fantastic feature that makes your content dynamic and specific for a targeted group. Once you click that option on any block, it is connected with that specific block. Typically, all the recipients you send or share will see all the blocks in your content. However, if you want only one of your groups to see a specific block, you can change it; for example, you can have an image be shown only to one particular group. 

You can choose a specific group or multiple groups, and then that person can be in any group. You can also customize it by custom fields, so if someone is from a specific country, let us say the USA, then if they have that data in their fields only, they will see that image or exclude it from specific groups by choosing those groups.

Being one of the best rich text editors, Froala has this feature available.

How to Schedule in a Rich Text Editor?

Once you are done, you can schedule when your content will get published; you can send or publish your content instantly, later, or deliver it based on different time zones.

Ready to get started with a CKEditor alternative?

After reading this article, now you know some fun facts about a great CKEditor alternative. Froala Editor is one of them; it is a lightweight WYSIWYG HTML Editor written in Javascript, enabling rich text editing capabilities for your applications. Moreover, its complete documentation, specially designed framework plugins, and many examples make it easy to integrate.

Use Froala WYSIWYG editor and start producing great rich text content!

Posted on February 17, 2022

Emad Bin Abid

Emad Bin Abida former writer for Froala, showcased exceptional talent and dedication during their tenure with the company.

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