Announcing v3.2—the New Froala Editor

Today marks the release of Froala Editor v3.2, the latest and greatest milestone update for Our Best WYSIWYG HTML Editor with the new features, updates, and improvements on v3.2.

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Version 3.2—Continuing to Put Customers First

The feedback loop that you maintain with our team allows us to turn around quality releases with an emphasis on your needs. To that end, we’ve focused all of our efforts this release towards bringing our customer’s top-requested features to life. 

Between the all-new advanced image uploading capabilities, new and seamless integrations, and updated Editor SDKs, there’s a lot to unpack with this release—read on to see the amazing things you can do with Froala Editor 3.2!

Advanced Image Manager



Far and away the most highly requested feature our customers had for us was an improved file upload system—in this new version we’ve equipped users with a completely overhauled file upload manager, capable of handling multiple images, video uploads, folders, and more. 



While building this new image manager, we put special care toward ensuring that the UI was intuitive with seamlessly incorporated drag and drop, browse, and multi-upload functionality, allowing your users to upload and manipulate their files of most popular formats all in one place.

Gone are the days of uploading the same file multiple times in different locations of the editor—with these new image uploading capabilities, your users can easily work with multiple image and video files inside a single editor, providing highly-requested improvements to workflow.


What Else Has Been Improved?

The new file & image manager may be the main event, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg—version 3.2 of our WYSIWYG editor has plenty more in store including:

  • New Image Uploading Capabilities: You can now easily work with multiple files inside the editor, providing a much improved workflow. The key new image upload features added in 3.2 include:
    • Uploading multiple images and videos at once thus saving a lot of time from doing repeat tasks
    • Manage all files (images and videos) in one place
    • Ability to perform the following actions under a single window before inserting them to the editor.
      • Browse and Upload Files 
      • View Files 
      • Edit Files 


  • Enhancements to the editor, with a strong focus on image upload capabilities
  • Editor SDKs updated for 3.2 to ensure that Froala works with the latest versions of the following development environments:
    • Rails SDK
    • Node JS SDK
    • Python SDK
    • Java SDK
    • .Net SDK
    • PHP SDK
  • Seamless integrations have been implemented and improved for:
    • Ext JS
    • Symphony
    • Cake PHP
    • Knockout
    • Ember
    • Django
    • Meteor
    • Yii
    • Vue
    • Angular
    • React JS
    • Rails


3.2 is Available Now

Enough talking, it’s time to dive on in.

Once you’re done reading the full extent of features and enhancements brought by 3.2 in our changelog, you can jump straight in by heading over to our download page.

As always, we value and appreciate your feedback—let us know what other features you would like to see introduced or enhanced in future releases, and we’ll be sure to keep them in mind.

We can’t wait to show you what’s next for Froala—in the meantime, we hope you enjoy v3.2!

Posted on July 21, 2020

David Greene

David Greenea former writer for Froala, showcased exceptional talent and dedication during their tenure with the company.


  1. can this be used with azure. does it allow uploading directly to azure.
    also does the image upload allow multiple file uploads?

    • Hi David,

      Yes! Image Upload does now support multiple file uploads. We’re super excited about this feature as it has been highly requested for some time.

      Azura will be supported very soon in 3.2.2. Stay tuned for this update.

      • What about s3? Will it support directly with s3 without having to develop server side scripts to handle the uploading / list / deleting?

  2. Hmmm. Just went on your demo page. I clicked on Insert Image. It only allows one image file upload at a time.
    is there an ETA for 3.2.2?
    When you upload multiple files, is there a way for user to browse the files that were uploaded to the server to see what they would like to display or where to display it? Or is it all or nothing?

    • To insert multiple images, you would select the ‘Insert Files’ icon. From there, you can select multiple images/files and upload in bulk or individually. This gives you full control based on your users’ needs for singular uploads or multiple uploads.

      We expect 3.2.2 to be out later this year. We’re working hard to get this released as soon as we possibly can.

      Yes, see above. Try it out yourself! There are two options 1) Insert Images (inserts directly in the editor) OR 2) Insert Files (upload multiple files at a time, browse, and select which images/files to insert.


    • Hi Gregory – thanks! Yes, Froala does work on mobile via a webview. Additionally, we are working on a React Native integration later this year for full native support. Enjoy!

  3. Does v3.2 work with Cloudinary?

  4. Why does the upload image icon only allow one image to be uploaded while the insert files icon allow multiple images to be uploaded at once?
    We have restricted our editor to only allow for image uploads and our users are accustomed to clicking the ‘upload image’ icon.
    Should we be hiding the upload image icon and focus on the upload files icon if we wish to allow for multiple image upload at once?

    • The upload files icon allows users to upload multiple files across different file types including images. In our future releases, we will be enhancing it with a file management feature for users to manage their files through the file manager window and integrate with 3rd party storage – Google drive, Dropbox etc.

      The plan is to eventually hide the Upload Image icon in the future and use “Upload Files” to manage multiple image uploads.

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