Why You Need an Online HTML Editor

Efficient development tools are fundamental to a developer’s productivity and career success. Without the right tools, every developer struggles to create great software and improve their craft. That is why most developers are careful when they choose the tools they will depend on before they begin a project.  If they choose right, they can knock it out of the park and save on effort too.

As a developer, you won’t stick to a particular development tool throughout your career. Instead, you will constantly seek something to help you do your job better. For example, if your work involves HTML, you should consider improving your HTML Editor and go for a robust online option.

Surprisingly, the web development community lacks a wide choice of efficient HTML editors. Most options are adequate in one way but disappointing in others. Very few nail nearly all aspects of HTML development and web design like Froala, a feature-loaded and highly customizable choice.

This article will walk you through all of the reasons why you should consider upgrading your online HTML Editor and going for a better option that has significant improvements and may provide you with benefits for a more robust option.

When Will Your HTML Editor Need Improvement?

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At the rate hardware and software are advancing, your current editor’s new version is just around the corner. While some users won’t upgrade, for others it’s a compulsion.  Many will only take their HTML editor online when their current choice starts costing them time and effort.

Either way, you don’t really need a solid reason to improve your HTML editor. But if you do, the gains should be substantial and add to your overall development experience. Any new HTML editor you choose should meet your development needs.

What Benefits Can an Online HTML Editor Bring?

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While it may seem that improving your HTML editor online is unnecessary, the advantages can be substantial if done right. You could see a significant improvement in your overall productivity, code quality, and development habits. In addition, you could use the time and effort you save to improve and fine-tune your web application. 

Some of the significant benefits you can experience with an improved online HTML editor are:

  • Improved UX: An improved HTML editor could give you the chance to implement a better-designed UX. The right change can make a big difference to your website’s popularity.
  • Better Content Integration: Today’s websites display various media and content on the front-end. With an improved HTML editor, you can seamlessly execute that integration.
  • Closely Controlled Styling: Your HTML editor is supposed to give you control over your website’s visual appeal. An improved version means more power to execute better designs.

An improved HTML editor is bound to be an investment worth the hassle. But the improvement doesn’t have to involve your current HTML editor. Instead, it could simply involve switching to a more feature-rich option, like Froala. With an already impressive set of built-in features and more that you can add through third-party plugins, Froala can handle future improvements much more smoothly than other editors.

Which Improvements Should You Aim For In An Online HTML Editor?

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Supposing you can even improve your current HTML editor in the first place, what improvements do you need? There are certain features that almost all developers are guaranteed to benefit from, no matter their preferences. These are the features you ought to aim for when you upgrade.

Advanced Customization Options 

Improving your HTML editor is a tedious challenge if it doesn’t allow customization. Every developer has different needs and customizes their development tools accordingly. If your current HTML editor wants to retain you as a user and survive the rapid pace of technological advancement, it has to allow for customizations.

Ideally, your HTML editor accommodates customizations for each different aspect of web design. This includes visual design features, productivity elements, and integration options. 

Impressive Web Development & Design Features

HTML editors are for designing immaculate websites and web applications. As the web evolves, however, developers are also focusing on factors like cybersecurity and SEO. To keep up, your improved HTML editor needs to offer those options.

In addition to SEO and security, it will also have to give you features to thoroughly control every aspect of the way your site looks. Your improved editor also needs to provide robust SDKs and powerful APIs to improve your development journey.

Uncompromising Feature and Performance

The human mind gauges improvement by comparing value. In addition to bringing you new features, your HTML editor must guarantee they work as advertised. Ideally, those will simplify and optimize regular tasks like content control and data integration.

The feature-set doesn’t have to stop there. For example, your HTML editor should help you code better websites by giving you direct control over how the browser renders them. It should also have version control and improved text editing.

Dependable In Every Way

Improved means better. Unfortunately, many development tools end up becoming more unreliable as they go through upgrades. So choose your improved online HTML editor it should as dependable as before. Don’t trade reliability for a longer list of features.

Is Froala The Online HTML Editor Of Your Dreams?

It should be. Froala ought to be the top contender for your new editor. It is loaded with features that help you maintain top-notch code quality. It also comes packed with productivity-boosting features. In addition, you get to design and develop your website in an environment that ensures the browser renders it as you like. You can choose from a sprawling variety of visual elements to give your website unique flair and a distinct look.

Froala works seamlessly with all the different back-end technologies to connect your application’s components smoothly. You get a lightweight and performance-intensive HTML editor, and you can even add more features with third-party plugins. With Froala as your new online HTML editor, you won’t be switching again soon.

Posted on December 9, 2021

Emad Bin Abid

Emad Bin Abida former writer for Froala, showcased exceptional talent and dedication during their tenure with the company.

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