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New logo. Fresh design.

We have a lot of changes and updates to talk about, and you probably noticed some of them already. If not, it means you haven't visited our website recently (shame on you 🙂 ), but look no further, just raise your eyes in the upper left corner and you'll notice our new logo.

Logo Change

That's right, Froala has a brand new logo. "Why?" you may be asking, because we realized the KISS principle applies to logos too. If you haven't heard about the KISS principle, it stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid", and this probably doesn't need any more explanations.

Our old logo was so complicated and complex, that created a lot of confusion among our users. The "F" was pretty hard to spot, and some weren't seeing an "F" at all, until they were told to look for it. The old logo "F" was also wrapped in a square which created a bit of discontinuity in the whole Froala word.

So we ended up to be frequently called "Roala" instead of "Froala". Not a big difference, but a different name.

If you're a startup in the process of creating your own logo, or maybe you're planning to redesign your current logo, just keep in mind this simple rule called KISS. It will not just save you money, but it may also help you create a stronger image for your company and leave no room for confusion.

New Website Design

With user experience in mind we redesigned the entire website. We care about how you interact with our website and we want to offer you the best experience possible. We strive to make what's important to you to be just one click away, and have all the information you need in the right place.

A big change in this direction is the documentation for the Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor, aka Froala Rich Text Editor. We already received great feedback for the previous design, and we believe, in fact I'm sure, we made it even better.

You should expect more improvements in the following months, since we're still working on a better way for you to browse and see all the WYSIWYG Editor's features and capabilities.

In Conclusion…

… rest assured, the Froala logo redesign doesn't reflect any kind of changes in the company's vision, goals, politics or leadership. We haven't been acquired, we're exactly the same company, just wanting the best for our customers.

We're really curious what you think about our new logo and how the new design improved your browsing experience. If you have any thought to share, just leave us a comment below.

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