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special characters in HTML pages

Efficient Handling of Special Characters in HTML with Froala WYSIWYG Editor

Have you ever wondered how developers add cool symbols like copyright signs to websites? It’s all about special characters! This blog post will show you how to use special characters
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The Power of Visual HTML Editors: A developer’s guide

Revolutionizing Web Design: The Power of Visual HTML Editors A paradigm shift is occurring in web development, and visual HTML editors are emerging as a formidable force. These novel tools
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getter and setter Text Thumbnail

How to Define Get and Set Content Functions for html editor software

Content manipulation is the central core of a web application that involves text editing. Regarding apps, two functions are essential for good performance in this software engineering area: get content
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Top 10 Tools to Speed Up Your Web Apps

Web applications need to be fast and efficient. Internet users demand smooth experiences, so that slow-loading apps can lead to frustration.  Every developer knows firsthand that the speed of their
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Save Time While Editing: Using Froala’s Quick Insert Plugin

Do the repetitive jobs that come with making content ever get to you? Spending minutes looking for the right menu or carefully arranging elements can waste time. In today’s digital
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Disable Right Click Thumbnail

Implementing the Disable Right Click in Froala html code writer

In certain websites, there is a need to prevent users from executing specific actions like copying, pasting, or inspecting HTML code within the editor interface.  Turning off the right-click functionality
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Learn to Convert Plain Text to HTML Easily with Froala

Best Practices for Text to HTML Editors: Prioritizing Code Quality

Developing engaging content is merely a portion of the challenge in web development. Your message comes to life by delivering that information impactfully on a webpage. However, numerous experts face
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