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Froala Editor is here with a new update!

We’re back at it again with an update for your favorite Markdown Editor. We’ve been working hard to bring you all the new improvements with Froala version V4.0.7, and I know you’re going to like this one too. View the documentation guides that consist of getting started, migration guides, concepts, API, framework plugins, server integrations, server SDKs, plugins, and examples that can help you maximize the potential of Froala Editor.

There’s more:

At Froala, we believe great products are the result of a collaboration with our customers, rather than the result of one person’s decisions. That’s why we developed a feedback loop between Froala and our users. This loop allows you to communicate directly with the Froala team and gives us the motivation to create this best-ever version of Froala, packed with the features and enhancements that you asked for.

Froala’s latest update brings a lot of new improvements for you to look forward to. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a developer or designer. Because Froala Editor is such a versatile editor, there are several very different use cases improvements covered by this Froala user-centric release. 

A Deep-Dive of the New Froala Editor V4.0.7 Featuring Various Updates:

Froala V4.0.7 is available now with many improvements over V4.0.6. This update brings some exciting improvements to our Track changes, Markdown support, and mobile support, among other things. If you use any of these features regularly, scroll down to learn about the improvements you can start enjoying right away! 

    1. Improvement to paste from Google Docs and from plain text

Your content is in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, an Excel Sheet, or a Google Sheet, and you want to paste it into the editor, but you are worried that your content formatting will be lost. With Froala you don’t have to worry, as you have an excellent feature for pasting from a document or sheet. It not only keeps the copied content’s formatting, it also generates clean HTML code related to your content. 

If you don’t want to keep the content format,  set the pastePlain option to true and your editor will filter the pasted content, keeping only the plain text by removing all its rich formatting.

In this version, pasting content is improved in several ways:

  • We fixed the issue with the editor view jumping to the top when pasting content in the editor after adding the CSS transform property.
  • When pasting multiple lines of plain text, Froala will no longer separate the second, and subsequent lines will with “br” instead of “DIV.” 
  • We also fixed the nested list breaks when a user hits Enter after pasting their content from Google Docs.

    2. Improvement to multiple bullet list items

Applying Outdent/Indent to multiple bullet list items was not working as expected. We fixed it.

    3. Improvement to the markdown feature

Markdown feature is a new version 4 feature. Our community highly requested it. With Markdown active, your editor is split into two panes: the left pane where you can write the Markdown syntax code, and the right pane which displays your rich content in real-time.

The Markdown editor ignored the value of the heightMin option, but this new release takes this value into consideration so you have more control over the height of the markdown editor.

Try Markdown Feature Now

    4. Improved Firefox support

With this new version, you can upload multiple images and drag elements inline on the Firefox browser. Also, the error “Uncaught TypeError: r is undefined,” which appeared while resizing Firefox window, has been fixed.

    5. Improvement to the Track Changes feature

The Track Changes feature is another Version 4 feature that our community requested. With Track Changes, you can test how your content look if you edit it in a certain way. Once you are done, you can accept the changes you like and discard the ones that don’t look good.

With Track Changes, users can track all the changes made to their text, images, tables, styles, formatting, and more.

In this new version of Froala, we improved Track Changes in several ways:

  • You will be able to track images deletion.
  • Fix text deletion issue when accepting changes of background color on text.
  • Track text deletion when you integrate Froala Editor with KnockoutJS.

Try Track Changes Feature Now

    6. Improved mobile support

Froala supports Android and iOS devices. It has a responsive design that works on any screen.  It is also the first WYSIWYG editor with a toolbar that you can customize for each screen size.

Using toolbarButtons, toolbarButtonsMD,toolbarButtonsSM, and toolbarButtonsXS options, you can display different toolbar buttons on large, medium, small, and extra small screens.

With this new version:

  • Switch between basic formats on a mobile device issue that some users experienced has been fixed.
  • The ‘Select all’ and ‘Delete’ functions work correctly in Android while Froala Editor is integrated with Flask.

Get Froala V4.0.7:

How Do I Upgrade to V4.0.7?

If you are loading Froala using the following CDN links:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

then you are already using Froala version 4.0.7, but if you are hosting it on your server, download this new version now.

If you are on a version earlier than version 4, these migration guides will help you to upgrade your Froala Editor.

There’s more:

Why Should I Upgrade to V4?

    1. Upgrading Froala is super easy and takes less than five minutes. Read about it in the next section.
    2. Upgrading Froala will not break your products — we cover most of the editor’s functionality with unit tests.
    3. If you are on an active perpetual plan, once it ends you will be able to use the latest version of Froala available for a lifetime, so it is better to always update to the latest version.
    4. Benefit from the Track Changes and Markdown features, which were highly requested by our users.
    5. Get the latest editor fixes and improvements.

Read this blog post for more details about why you should upgrade to V4.

Final Notes:

Technical Support

Thank you for your trust and for the feedback loop. You are making us better every day. Over the years, Froala built different features that were requested by our users, which made Froala better and more beautiful, but it always stayed true to the mission of offering the best WYSIWYG editor on the market. We hope you love all the new updates we’ve introduced this year!

If you have a technical question, you can check to see if it has already been answered at our help center. If not, contact our Support team.


Let us know what you think about our latest release! Join us and our product managers in our GitHub Community to talk about all things Froala.

Posted on November 23, 2021


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  1. ALL downloads are version 4.01
    There is a serious bug in 4.01
    how do I get 4.07?

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