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At Froala, we believe that software should be simple and affordable—the way everything in life should be. Over the past several releases of the Froala WYSIWYG Editor, we have added new and valuable features to enable rich editing capabilities for our users; while maintaining utmost focus on simplicity and usability.

Other vendors charge an arm and a leg for similar software editors coupled with complicated plans based on the number of dynamic editor instantiations or deployment servers utilized while limiting features per plan. This “pay-as-you-go” method may appear flexible but is ambiguous given the difficulty in anticipating application load and may result in a large after-the-fact price tag.

Froala’s WYSIWYG Editor can be called Tinymce Alternative because its Froala plans are simple and affordable:

✔  Unlimited active users 

We don’t restrict usage on the number of users, servers, or real-time editor instantiations.

✔  Access to Entire Feature Set for all License Plans

We believe everyone should have access to Froala’s feature-rich editing capabilities. We don’t hold back any premium editing features based on plans.

✔  Perpetual Licensing with Free Updates for 1 year 

We make it easy for teams to collaborate with hassle-free licensing.

✔  Professional/Community Support 

Our support team is here to help resolve any pressing issues.

Read on as we compare the two Editors; why not give one a test drive before deciding to choose?

Cost Matrix — What we Charge and What They Charge


As you can see in the pricing chart above, Froala has a much cheaper price compared to TinyMCE because of its fixed price. No matter how many times the editor is loaded, and no matter how many users load it in a month, the price won’t change. TinyMCE’s pricing makes it so that the more your editor is loaded, the more costly it will be for you. This does not bode well for startups or individual/freelance developers with heavier editor usage requirements. Froala also has startup-friendly discounts. So, when it comes to pricing, Froala wins because of its predictable and lower pricing.

Cost Savings

Whether you need an editor for a simple personal application, blog, SaaS, intranet, mobile apps or want to use it on an enterprise-scale, Froala provides significant cost savings. For an average use case, Froala plans can save around 400-600% when compared with similar TinyMCE plans.


Full feature set included in all plans



You should also compare editors based on their User Interface and User Experience. For instance, WYSIWYG editors should be intuitive enough so that users can use them without needing to read the documentation too much. Furthermore, editors should have a modern, sleek, and responsive interface that can match the designs of modern applications. Additionally, tooltips, button grouping, and customization help users familiarize themselves easier with the editor. These qualities help build a suitable and likable experience for your users, helping you retain them in turn.

Froala Editor has a beautiful and mobile-friendly interface. It also has buttons grouped according to function, but you can customize the entire editor and toolbar should the need arise. It can also be initialized in less than 40ms, making it extremely lightweight despite its 100+ features.

TinyMCE also offers a modern and responsive design. However, its button placement and spacing is not as organized, but you can still customize the toolbar, making your UI look pleasing in exchange for additional effort.

Give It a Test Drive

Unlock the rich editing capabilities of the next gen WYSIWYG Editor

Migrating to Froala from TinyMCE?

Follow the step-by-step guide to migrate to the best WYSIWYG out there. Migrate to Froala now and choose to buy later.

Check out the phenomenal ratings on G2 and see what our customers have to say!


How do Froala’s subscription plans compare to those of TinyMCE?

Price is a critical factor when choosing among the best editors in the market. You’ll want to have an affordable editor that also has the features that you need (and possibly more). Comparing the price of Froala and TinyMCE, Froala’s subscription plans are much more straightforward and affordable.

First of all, currently, Froala’s base price of $199 per year is a lot lower than TinyMCE’s base price of $1080 per year. Furthermore, Froala’s plans include all features across all plans while TinyMCE excludes its comments and mentions features on all except the most expensive plan. Last but not least, Froala has a fixed plan, meaning that its price stays the same regardless of the number of users or editor loads. On the other hand, TinyMCE might require you to pay more when you exceed the maximum editor loads per month. This comparison of pricing between Froala and TinyMCE is explained in more detail in this article

What are the steps in migrating to Froala from TinyMCE?

Migrating from TinyMCE to Froala is easy, taking only a few steps and a few minutes of your time. First, you’ll have to remove all TinyMCE dependencies and code in your application. Afterwards, you’ll need to include Froala’s CSS and JS files (from a downloaded package, package managers, or call through CDN). And that’s it! Once you set Froala up, you’re free to initialize it and use its features. For more information about migrating to Froala from TinyMCE, click here.

Posted on November 22, 2019

Kirti Joshi

Kirti Joshia former writer for Froala, showcased exceptional talent and dedication during their tenure with the company.


  1. Is it possible to pay for a plan and use the license for the old Froala version 3? I’ve done some work using 3 for a project and don’t want to rework things but need to have the red trial version label removed.

    • Hi Henry – yes, absolutely! Once you have an active license, you will have access to previous releases as well as future releases for the next 12 months (along with technical support). Alternatively, we also have 24-month & 36-month term options available at checkout. Enjoy Froala!

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