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Froala - web-based Javascript HTML editor

A WYSIWYG HTML editor is an essential tool in a web designer’s and developer’s toolkit. It empowers you to develop HTML content in an easy-to-use word-processing-like environment without typing any code. Hence, anyone can design, create and edit long and complex HTML documents easily and fast. Having access to a web-based JavaScript HTML editor is, therefore, a must. But do these editors improve your productivity and efficiency?

The answer to the above question depends upon the JavaScript web editor you are using. Take, for example, Froala – the best WYSIWYG HTML editor out there. Froala is a beautiful rich text editor. It enables you to create stunning and awesome content. Moreover, you can extend its functionality through plugins and increase your productivity and enhance efficiency.

How Do I Improve Productivity With My Web-Based JavaScript HTML Editor?

Here are a few tips to help you get started with improving productivity with Froala, the web-based JavaScript HTML editor. You can add more features and capabilities to Froala by integrating different plugins in this editor. Here are a few examples.

What is Real-time Editing in My Froala Web-Based JavaScript HTML Editor?

collaborative editing in web-based javascript html editor

Froala WYSIWYG HTML editor supports and includes a third-party plugin called is Froala’s official plugin for real-time co-editing of HTML documents and content. This is an awesome feature that allows many people to collaborate and work on the same HTML document. When using this feature, if you type or edit something in your editor window, the changes automatically appear in your co-workers’ editor windows. This collaborative feature offered by Froala is indeed a great way of increasing efficiency and productivity at work or when working from home.

How Do I Add Math Equations and Formulas in Froala WYSIWYG JavaScript editor?

MathType in Froala editor

There are often times when you want to add math equations and formulas to your HTML content. Froala provides full support to enable you to type math expressions, notations, formulas, and symbols through the MathType editor. MathType is now recognized as one of the best math equation and formula editors. It is used by K-12 and STEM faculty and students globally. By including the MathType plugin in the Froala editor, you get powerful math editing capabilities. Some features are listed below:

  • Latex support
  • An extensive range of math symbols
  • Right to left (RTL) support for languages such as Arabic, Urdu, and Persian
  • Chemical symbols and formulas (ChemType)
  • Accessibility

Can I Track Changes in My Froala Web-Based JavaScript HTML Editor?

Track changes in Froala

Indeed, yes! At Froala we understand the importance of tracking changes in an editor. There are many times when you type or edit content and want to revert to the original. The track changes plugin keeps a record of all the changes you make to text, images, styles, tables, lists, and more. You can easily use the track changes toolbar to accept or reject a change. Moreover, you can choose to accept or reject all changes and edits you have made to your content.

A few features of track changes plugins include:

  • Enable or disable track changes
  • Show or hide tracked changes
  • Track a single change and choose to accept or reject it
  • Track all changes and choose to accept or reject all of them
  • All images and text additions are highlighted with a yellow color
  • Anything you want to delete is highlighted in red color with a strikethrough

Can I Generate PDF Files In Froala – the Best WYSIWYG HTML editor?

Generating pdf in Froala the web-based javascript html editor

Again yes! The portable document format (PDF) is now one of the universally accepted file formats that allow you to share documents. This is a very convenient and reliable format, as almost every operating system now supports viewers of PDF files on almost all platforms. If you want to generate PDF files in Froala editor, then you can use the Export as PDF option through

html2pdf.bundle.js. You can also add a “Download PDF” button in the toolbar to give easy and quick access to PDF exporting capabilities.

How Do I Embed Rich Content in Froala Rich-Text Editor JS?

Froala makes it easy for you to embed rich content in your HTML documents. If you want to add content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other such social media platforms, then you can use Froala Integration. Froala fully supports, which is one of the best services for incorporating rich content. Go ahead; integrate this third-party plugin and be on your way to creating awesome content!

Are There More Froala Features That Add Value to My Website HTML Editor?

Yes, of course! When you use Froala, you get the best rich text editing experience. There are more plugins that help you extend its functionality. To enable a clean and simple interface, you can stick to the basic editing features and add only the components you need. Besides the capabilities discussed earlier, here are a few more plugins that you can use and increase productivity.

  • Character counter: Displays the total characters typed by a user. You can also add an upper limit to restrict the user from exceeding a predefined length of text.
  • Mentions: You can display an auto-complete list when the user types an @ character.
  • Spelling and grammar: You see the issues with grammar and spelling in real-time as you type text in the editor window.
  • Font awesome: Make your content interesting and engaging by adding any of the font awesome icons to your HTML documents.
  • Quick insert: Enables you to create a quick insert menu of buttons that you use frequently. As soon as you focus on an empty line, this menu appears.

How Do I Sign Up for Froala?

Froala is the best WYSIWYG HTML editor. If you are looking to create beautiful and elegant web pages, then Froala web-based JavaScript HTML editor is your best bet. With beautiful color schemes, awesome fonts, great layouts, and more, Froala is the number one choice of many webpage designers and developers. Moreover, the options to extend its functionality with spell checker, quick insert, PDF export, real-time collaboration, and much more increase productivity and bring more value to your business.

Wait no more! Sign up for your free Froala trial today and make the most of your rich text editing experience.

Posted on July 26, 2022

Mehreen Saeed

Mehreen Saeeda former writer for Froala, showcased exceptional talent and dedication during their tenure with the company.

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