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Simplify Web Development Choosing a Linux WYSIWYG HTML Editor.

Simplify Web Development: Choosing a Linux WYSIWYG HTML Editor

The never-ending quest for the perfect WYSIWYG editor on Linux! As a developer, I’ve battled with countless options, each promising a seamless editing experience across platforms. But let’s face it,
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Integrating Froala with Quasar

Froala & Quasar Integration: Mastering the Best WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Froala 4.1 release has been a significant step in the history of the developer-friendly best WYSIWYG HTML Editor. It is the release where Froala supports React 18, Angular 15+ with
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Froala Word Count Feature

Enhance Your Editing with Froala 4.2: Word Count and MS Word Pasting Improvements

We are super excited to announce the release of Froala 4.2, which introduces the new Word Counter. This feature was highly requested by our users and we are thrilled to
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The Enduring Challenge of HTML to WYSIWYG: Why Perfect Conversion is Elusive

The fundamental language of online pages, HTML, and WYSIWYG editors have been at odds for decades, leaving web workers confused. These intuitive interfaces empower individuals without technical expertise to generate
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disable link

How to Disable Automatic Link Detection in a Visual HTML Editor

A Froala user inquired about customizing the link detection feature within the visual HTML editor. They explained that whenever text is typed and recognized as a URL, pressing enter automatically
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character counter

Count Every Character: The Best HTML Editor Software for Content Control

In web development, managing content length often plays a crucial role. This is especially important for applications that must follow specific character restrictions. Character count is also important for keeping
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What is a WYSIWYG Editor Thumbnail

What is a WYSIWYG Editor? Advanced Features Beyond Basic Formatting

Creating interesting web content requires a high level of technical ability. However, WYSIWYG editors have made this easier. Wondering what is a WYSIWYG editor? A WYSIWYG editor is a solution
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Paragraph style

Froala Paragraph Styles for Online JavaScript Editors

Transforming ordinary paragraphs into iconic statements is now within your reach with the powerful Froala online javascript editor. By harnessing the capabilities of the Froala Paragraph Style plugin, you can
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The Rise of No-Code/Low-Code and the Evolving Role of Visual HTML Editors

The digital landscape is seeing substantial changes. The development of visual HTML editors and the increasing number of no-code/low-code (NLC) platforms drive this trend. These advancements democratize web development. They
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