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Stand-alone, or as part of your stack.

Learn how to get started with the Froala Design Blocks together with your preferred front-end technology. Either in a new project or for a redesign, it's the same simple process.

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Available on these technologies

A stack of documents with the top document showing an account profile with a mug of coffee to its left.

Design Builder

With the Froala Design Builder tool, you can put blocks togeter, edit the content and then download the HTML.

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Froala Design Blocks is available for download both for designers and developers. It also comes ready to use in many environment.

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Check the latest news about the Froala Design Blocks and discover how new updates enhance your designs.

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A black silhouette of a cartoon cat without features against a white background.

For Developers..

All Froala products are built for
developers. As a HTML5 and CSS3
library, the Froala Design Blocks is clearly
no exception.
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Layered blue files that only show their outlines using bold, blue lines against a white background.

..and Designers too

Sketch, PSD you name it. Froala Design
Blocks is the tool that helps developers
and designers speak the same language.
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Still Have Questions?

If you can't find an answer, check out our FAQ page or join our community on GitHub.