Froala Vs Tiptap – Which Rich Text Editor Is Right For You?

Froala vs tiptap comparison

Are you ready to elevate your project with rich-text editing capabilities, but unsure whether Froala or Tiptap is the better fit? Both are popular WYSIWYG editors that are widely used to add rich-text editing capabilities in web development, but selecting the right one for your needs can be challenging. Delve into this comparison to uncover the ideal fit for your needs. By the end of this article, you should clearly understand the key differences between Froala and Tiptap, their strengths, weaknesses, and which one might be the better choice for your specific requirements.

Froala rich text editor vs Tiptap headless editor framework

Froala is a feature-rich, customizable rich-text editor, perfect for dev teams who are looking for rapid deployment using advanced features and a ready-made customizable UI.

Tiptap is an open source headless rich text editor. It’s made for developers who want to build their own custom editor from the ground up – including their own UI. To use Tiptap, you should have the skills, time, and resources to build and maintain your editor.

User Interface (UI)

Froala UI

Froala has a ready-made user interface that can be customized through different API options and styled through ready-made themes or custom CSS. When the Froala editor is initialized, by default, it displays a professionally designed toolbar, an area for content editing, and a bottom toolbar for displaying information such as characters and word counts.

Froala UI

Froala API gives many options to customize the editor UI from which buttons are displayed on the toolbar to changing the whole UI with different modes, such as inline mode or document mode. The button icons can be customized by setting the required icon template, such as Font Awesome or SVG. Moreover, you will be able to customize the interface colors using different Froala themes or by building your own theme.

The Froala editor is modern and professionally designed. The toolbar is responsive and fits well in different screen sizes. Moreover, it integrates with web accessibility features.

Tiptap UI

Per default, there is no provided user interface. This gives the developers the freedom to build whatever interface they want. It requires writing custom code to design the interface. The developer should take care of all aspects of UI design such as the responsiveness towards different screen sizes.

Tiptap UI

However, the Tiptap team is working on providing some ready templates for those who want a ready-made UI. Some of them are already in beta.


Froala provides more rich text features than Tiptap. Furthermore, editing content experience is much easier in Froala thanks to its magical popups. However, Tiptap excels in collaboration features, including built-in real-time collaboration, comments, and AI features. On the other hand, Froala offers real-time collaboration through 3rd party tools.

Both editors have a modular architecture allowing users to extend the editor functionality. For instance, you can build your Froala editor AI assistance easily.

Here is a list of the unique features in each editor.

FRO Tiptap
Special characters
Source Code
Color Picker
Text Direction
Full Screen
Horizontal Rule
Advanced Image Editing
Image Manager
Files Manager
Advanced Link editing
Quick Toolbar
Advanced Table editing
Youtube Embed
Export to PDF
Spelling Autocorrect 3rd party
Predefined Links
Word Count
Character Count
Real-time Editing 3rd party
Math equations
Code Block
Task Lists
Enforcing a content structure
Document Version history
Invisible Characters
Table of Contents
Typography (Convert common patterns)



Froala is an easy-to-set-up editor. Include Froala files, set the initialization options and you have a professional, nice-looking editor running. On the other hand, Tiptap requires writing your own code to get the editor ready. You must have good coding skills to be able to start with it.


Froala and Tiptap are framework-agnostic editors. However, Froala provides more SDKs to make the integration with popular frameworks faster and easier.

Client SDK (Rendering the editor)
FRO Tiptap
PHP (Render editor)
Craft CMS
Ember JS
Gatsby JS
Meteor JS
Knockout JS
Yii Framework

Unlike Tiptap, Froala not just offers client framework SDKs but also server SDKs making uploading images and videos to your server a piece of cake.

Server SDKs (Uploading images & Videos)
FRO Tiptap


Each editor has different pricing strategies.

Tiptap Pricing

Tiptap is available through either a free, open-source license or a paid commercial license. However, the free plan comes with limited benefits. It allows only one developer to access the private registry and cloud dashboard. You have only the community support, can only review 5 versions of each document and the comments feature is unavailable. Moreover, real-time collaboration has limitations too. You have a maximum of 5000 connections per month and the concurrent connections are 10 per app.

Froala Pricing

Froala is available only through a paid commercial license but it offers two types of license:

  • Subscription license:
    Users must renew this license annually to continue using the Froala editor in their application.
  • Perpetual License:
    Allowing you to use Froala forever but you will lose access to support and updates after 1 year of purchasing your license. To regain access to support and use versions released after that period, you can renew your license at a discounted cost.

All Froala plans give you access to all Froala features. The difference between the Professional and Enterprise Froala plans is the number of products you are allowed to use Froala in, their type, and the number of allowed domains.

Which is the most cost-effective editor, Froala or Tiptap?

The cost-effective solution depends on each use case, but based on the pricing comparison below we can generally say Froala is the most cost-effective solution for large projects where you don’t need real-time co-editing or AI features. For small projects where you don’t need advanced image, table, or video editing features, Tiptap will be more cost-effective.

Tiptap Froala
Free Entry Business Professional Enterprise
$0.00 $149.00 $999.00 $74.90 $166.90
per month
Developers 1 2 8 Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 3 Unlimited
Products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1 Unlimited
99.9% SLA No No No Yes Yes
On-Premises No No No No Yes
SaaS / Subscription Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Support Community Community Pro Pro Enterprise

Why Froala is the Best Tiptap Alternative

Froala editor is easy to set up, overstocked with rich-text features, and can be installed and run in less than 5 minutes. On the other hand, Tiptap requires a good coding experience and building UI from scratch, which results in more time to get started.

To make the best choice for your project, assess your specific requirements and budget constraints. Whether you prioritize advanced editing features, ease of setup, or cost-effectiveness, there is a rich text editor that aligns with your needs.

Before making your final choice, try Froala for free. The free trial provides you with all Froala features. Play, customize, choose wisely, and elevate your editing experience today!


Posted on July 2, 2024

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