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Version 4.0.6   

Release Date: Oct 14, 2021

  • Fixed the issue Outdent button is not enabled after indent when enabling Iframe option
  • Fixed ENTER_DIV does not work as expected when enter between a sentence
  • Fixed the issue empty space appears on copy pasting from Google sheets
  • Fixed the issue link carries through to the first character of the new first list item
  • Fixed, lists behave strangely when <p> inside <li>
  • Fixed issue with pasting content from notepad, Applying font-size on pasted content does not work as expected when pastePlain and htmlUntouched options are enabled
  • Fixed, TypeError: Cannot read property 'contains' of null
  • Fixed the issue progress bar gets hidden if the editor is resized while a large file is uploading
  • Fixed issue throwing error, "Cannot read property 'tagName' of undefined" when htmlUntouched option enabled and press delete on content in some scenarios
  • Fixed issue editor freezes/crashes when selecting table cells
  • Fixed issue link getiing removed on image when toggling between an image caption and start typing
  • Fixed issue cannot upload .msg files even after configuring the correct MIME type
  • Fixed issue next textbox gets inside the focused textbox while pressing delete button on a bulleted sentence
  • Fixed html.getSelected() method to work correclty with ENTER_BR or ENTER_DIV options
  • Fixed issue inserting youtube videos with the autoplay option doesn't work
  • Fixed issue editor lags when its content is selected
  • Fixed issue space after text getting removed when using keyboard shortcuts to enable and disable the basic commands (bold,italic, underline)
  • Fixed issue with selected styles (font size, font family, font color) getting reset while toggle the "Bold" tool
  • Fixed issue applying bold, italics and underline commands leaves ZeroWidthSpace on text

Version 4.0.5   

Release Date: Sep 17, 2021

  • Fixed the issue editor scrolls down if the user clicks the Enter or Backspace in iframe mode
  • Fixed issue with applying formatting on single word, Sometimes the editor applies formatting on whole paragraph or last word in firefox browser
  • Fixed adding caption to an image having inline text, the text incorporates within the image
  • Fixed Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'more_btn' of undefined
  • Fixed issue pasting content from word containing bold, underline and italic text does not retain formatting
  • Fixed images won't paste into editor when imageUploadURL is specified
  • Fixed images in base64 format lose their alignment issue
  • Fixed uncaught exception when removing a table row
  • Fixed the pasted table always has borders in iframe mode
  • Fixed Table Edit Popup doesn't appear when selecting all cells when one of the table cell contains text in it.
  • Fixed issue editor cannot be initialized for the second time with ng-if directive
  • Fixed Clear formatting command does not work with some block tags elements, e.g(<h1 >, <h2>, <pre>.)
  • Fixed the Indent/Outdent buttons does not work as expected
  • Fixed pasting lists from MS word is broken in IE11
  • Fixed the prompt moves down 2-3 lines when the htmlUntouched option is set to true and the font is changed
  • Fixed the issue keepFormatOnDelete prevents the creation of an empty paragraph
  • Fixed editor component returns empty divs when testing jest enzyme
  • Fixed inserting image through quick insert, does not show in track changes
  • Fixed copy and pasting a table with multiple images as base64, some of the images gets displayed twice
  • Fixed switching off the formatting button clears formatting and cursor jumps to the beginning issue on Android
  • Fixed the editor loses focus when undo after pasting a hyperlink
  • Fixed ParagraphFormat: Object doesn't support property or method 'includes' issue in IE

Version 4.0.4   

Release Date: Aug 2, 2021

  • Fixed, Reject Single Change icon is rejecting multiple changes in one click
  • Fixed, Iframe: ImageEdit popup does not appear on images when initializing the editor with predefined height.
  • Fixed, Enter_BR: Multiple characters gets deleted on backspace
  • Fixed, can't type text after pasting image
  • Fixed, pasting a image from MS word causes the editor to freeze.
  • Fixed, deleting list from table cell deletes the cell itself
  • Fixed, uploading SVG image to server, displays the image twice in the editor
  • Fixed, buttons group dropdown stopped working.
  • Fixed, the clearFormatting command does not remove style attribute
  • Fixed, after clicking on image in specific scenario the image edit popup does not appear properly
  • Fixed, pasting from Word breaks in Safari
  • Fixed, the Underline and Strikethrough styles are not working properly after highlighting text.
  • Fixed, editor scrolls to bottom on enter/backspace
  • Fixed, Froala editor scrolls up if you use enter in table
  • Fixed, IE: Remove button on textColor and backgroundColor doesn't works
  • Fixed, if user uploads PDF file via Files Manager, it is inserted into the iframe element with fr-video class
  • Fixed, Markdown: Code blocks should render the spacing, newlines, tabs and formatting.
  • Fixed, inserting image with fr-fir class and inserting caption destroys the imagEditPopup
  • Fixed, when replacing youTube video with a video from upload video, The interface throws an error.
  • Fixed, if the iframe is enabled, popups do not close if the user clicks outside the editor
  • Fixed, ENTER_BR feature
  • Fixed, when fullPage & heightMin options is enabled scroll bar doesn't appear

Version 4.0.3   

Release Date: Jul 6, 2021

  • Fixed selection lost issue on Safari while focusing the toolbar by keyboard shortcut (alt+F10)
  • Fixed the video preview issue on Safari browser
  • Fixed the issue with copy/paste base64 image from editor to editor on Safari browser
  • Fixed selection lost issue with custom popup
  • Fixed issue inserting text followed by a line break into the editor, The editor ignores the line break(<br>)
  • Fixed issue with bullet Indent/Outdent
  • Fixed embedded Twitter content is missing issue
  • Fixed issue pasting Images with some text from MSword gets pasted twice when setting the option wordPasteModal: false
  • Fixed issue with removing the 'videoReplace' and 'autoplay' buttons from the Video Edit popup
  • Fixed issue with createing list in iframe mode in IE11 browser
  • Fixed issue IE11: Object doesn't support property or method 'matches'
  • Fixed issue dropdowns has a horizontal scroll in Safari (Mac)
  • Fixed error on applying inline styles on content with nested spans in IE11 browser
  • Added translation for Table Styles and Cell Styles options
  • Fixed issue toolbar buttons disappear when replacing the image caption
  • Fixed the progress bar geting hidden issue if the editor is resized while a large file is uploading
  • Fixed issue table edit popup not opened after wrapping the table in a div tag

Version 4.0.2   

Release Date: Jun 25, 2021

  • Fixed extra space getting added after we write a line and press enter
  • Fixed when copy paste list item it pasted at place where we copied
  • Fixed when applying style , unable to click outside that style area
  • Fix when applying paragraph style and formatting like borders, the two lines appear instead of one
  • Fixed, menu gets hidden after track changes bar
  • Fix for Two vertical split labels that get shown
  • Fixed , when formatting changes are rejected, the highlighted text duplicates itself
  • Fixed, continous deletion from 1 paragraph to another not working properly
  • Fixed, unexpected letters is adding while we write something
  • Fix in Markdown plugin , when we press enter the above text get change

Version 4.0.1   

Release Date: Jun 7, 2021

  • Fix for Track changes Toolbar sometimes not opening in Froala website
  • Fix for Table, tbody, tr, td having generic styling
  • Fix for CSS style rules for some elements which were broken

Version 4.0.0   

Release Date: Jun 1, 2021

  • Enable / Disable Track Changes
  • Show / Hide Track Changes
  • Accept Single Change feature in Track Changes
  • Reject Single Change feature in Track Changes
  • Accept ALL Changes feature in Track Changes
  • Reject ALL Changes feature in Track Changes
  • Markdown Support

Version 3.2.7   

Release Date: May 18, 2021

  • Fixed Froala editor scrolls up if you use enter in table
  • Fixed Enter_BR: Multiple characters gets deleted on backspace
  • Fixed space getting removed between link and text when loading the content with html.set method
  • Fixed uncaught TypeError: Super expression must either be null or a function, not undefined
  • Fixed , with htmlUntouched the empty character is deleted
  • Fixed blur fires if the user clicks a toolbar button in Mobile
  • Fixed , when attribution: false in Froala v3 editor appearance looks odd
  • Fixed , user cannot link the selected word if the enter option is set to BR
  • Fixed, dropdowns has a horizontal scroll in Safari (Mac)
  • Fixed, current instance loses the focus if the user clicks on the button of the shared toolbar
  • Fixed , char counter is missing when the inlineToolbar is enabled
  • Fixed, Ionic4: toolbarBottom option doesn't work
  • Fixed, cannot upload .svg image in the editor
  • Fixed, update State in functional component
  • Fixed , ImageEdit popup doesn't appear on mobile devices
  • Fixed, external javascript is not executing in the editor
  • Fixed, replace fill-available to stretch, because spec had been changed
  • Fixed, uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
  • Fixed, MS SharePoint integration support
  • Fixed, keyboard issue on IOS device running a ionic/capacitor app on angular
  • Fixed, editor cannot be initialized for the second time with ng-if directive
  • Fixed, After setting contenteditable false, can still select the text apply features(like bold) from toolbar
  • Fixed, click on the Clean button should remove all formatting
  • Fixed, form tag removed when editor is itself contained with a form
  • Fixed, pasting a numbered list from Word resets numbers to 1
  • Fixed, pressing backspace on quoted area which contains fr-inner class, removes the whole quoted area or content.
  • Fixed, Content gets deleted on the Enter click in Safari
  • Fixed, adding image caption adds empty P tags on the above and below of the image
  • Fixed, wordPaste plugin unconditionally removes empty table cells in Chrome
  • Fixed, cannot apply an option from the dropdown
  • Fixed, image alignment does not work as expected
  • Fixed, method events.focus() does not work
  • Fixed , TypeError: Cannot read property 'classList' of null
  • Fixed, editTable popup doesn't appear on mobile devices
  • Fixed, TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined
  • Fixed, after pasting the image, the user cannot type
  • Fixed Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasOwnProperty' of null
  • Fixed, Unexpected behavior with style height: 100vh in the content when fullpage option is enabled
  • Fixed, quick insert button shows half after adding a table in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed, xss vulnerability issue

Version 3.2.6-1   

Release Date: February 06, 2021

  • Fixed Method events.focus() does not work.
  • Fixed Missing translation es, pt_pt, ko, pl, it.
  • Fixed Cannot insert the Font Awesome icon.
  • Fixed The preformatted text (pre tag) loses its formatting if it's pasted into the editor.

Version 3.2.6   

Release Date: January 25, 2021

  • Fixed Spell checker not working and missing Image Advanced Edit button in Node JS SDK
  • Fixed Unable to load any images or files Python Flask SDK
  • Fixed Upload Video not working in Rail SDk
  • Fixed On opening an uploaded file throws "HTTP status 404-Not Found" in Java SDK
  • Fixed Unable to upload images in Java SDK
  • Fixed On opening an uploaded file throws "Template is missing" in Rail SDK :
  • Fixed Image upload throwing error for "By Url and Upload Image" under 2nd & 3rd section of Editor in Node js SDK
  • Fixed Video upload throwing error for "By Url and Embed code" on Console for Save disk section in Node js SDK
  • Fixed Unable to Upload Images,videos and files under S3 editor in Python Flask SDK:
  • Fixed File upload not working for files other than pdf in .NET SDK
  • Fixed Unable to upload images through Browse option and Sample-2 Editor(Resize on Server) in Node js SDK
  • Fixed Unable to Upload the Files from File Manager Plugin in Python Flask SDK
  • Fixed Unable to remove file from disk when image is deleted from the Accept only JPEG images in Ruby SDK
  • Fixed Video are not playing under Firefox in Ruby SDK
  • Fixed Help plugin UI not inline in knockout framework
  • Fixed Color plugin issue in WordPress framework
  • Fixed Undo.saveStep() not working with React when inserting content without focusing editor
  • Fixed componentWillMount hook deprecated
  • Fixed Cell height of table not proper in CakePHP 3
  • Fixed Insert link plugin is not working properly in CakePHP 3 framework
  • Fixed Quote plugin not working properly in CakePHP 3 framework
  • Fixed Froala editor not coming up in fullscreen mode in CakePHP 3 framework
  • Fixed Paragraph format UI is different from other framework/froala editor in Yii Framework
  • Fixed Codeview not working properly in WordPress framework
  • Fixed Line Breaker not showing break icon on mouse hover at the bottom of the table In Aurelia Webpack
  • Fixed Quick insert option is not working in normal screen mode but working in full screen mode
  • Fixed Unable to access to the AppComponent members in Angular2+
  • Fixed Selection box is misplaced for embeded link in Knockout frame work
  • Fixed GatsbyJS support issue
  • Fixed Setting the content with ng-repeat, events are undefined in Angular1
  • Fixed user can't scroll with mouse wheel when editor is inside DevExpress popup
  • Fixed Unable to drag an image under Firefox in Word Press
  • Fixed Embed URL ,Advanced Edit in Image TUI, Code Beautifier not working in WordPress
  • Fixed Heading 2 does not appear with underline in paragraph formatting in WordPress
  • Fixed Maximize screen does not change the symbol to 'Restore' after maximizing E in WordPress
  • Fixed Spell checker and Image TUI not working Aurelia Integration Webpack Framework
  • Fixed Error when trying to show the editor after it is hidden, if options are defined in Angular1
  • Fixed missing plugins when Froala is imported from the vue-froala-wysiwyg,
  • Fixed quick insert not working in both master and v3 in angular framework
  • Fixed Copy-Paste options through shortcut keys not working properly in Django framework
  • Fixed Download pdf not working - across all frameworks
  • Fixed Copy paste not working as expected in Knockout framework
  • Fixed Insert link by short-cut(ctrl-k) is not working if text is not provided in URL addition.(same in master also)
  • Fixed Quick insert not visible in both master and V3 in Angular 2
  • Fixed entities plugin in Yii framework
  • Fixed Image_TUI issue across all Frameworks
  • Fixed No colors for different attributes in code view(meteor and cake2)-across all Frameworks


Release Date: January 19, 2021

  • Fixed Cannot apply an option from the dropdown
  • Fixed Cannot insert the Font Awesome icon
  • Fixed Inserting image is always added to the top instead of the cursor position


Release Date: January 6, 2021

  • Fixed Cannot apply an option from the dropdown
  • Fixed Image alignment does not work as expected
  • Fixed Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasOwnProperty' of null
  • Fixed additional scrollbar appears if the editor height is less than 600px
  • Fixed method stopped working in V3.2.1
  • Fixed Method events.focus() does not work
  • Fixed The editor scrolls down if contains a lot of content
  • Fixed Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasOwnProperty' of null
  • Fixed Focus and Blur events not working properly while using multiple editors in the same page

Version 3.2.5   

Release Date: December 15, 2020

  • Fixed Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'row' of undefined
  • Fixed The imageDefaultMargin gets ignored
  • Fixed Cannot read property 'getBoundingClientRect' of undefined
  • Fixed Error when style tag includes comments on macOS
  • Fixed Method events.focus() does not work
  • Fixed toolbarButtons are not responsive to the window size
  • Fixed When font_awesome_5 is used, some font awesome icons are not visible
  • Fixed Quick insert icon is partially truncated
  • Fixed Tab can't move the text inside br tags (v3)
  • Fixed Entering hit Froala does not scrolls down to the view port
  • Fixed toolbar.esc' event doesn't trigger before hiding the toolbar on pressing Esc key
  • Fixed contentChanged event is triggered before binding is updated
  • Fixed Chrome and Tribute.js: Can't make a selection with arrows/enter inside the table
  • Fixed PastePlain option doesn't work when content form the website is pasted
  • Fixed JS error on copy-paste styled list in IE
  • Fixed File Manager popup appears automatically
  • Fixed The editor scrolls down if contains a lot of content
  • Fixed method stopped working
  • Fixed Uncaught ReferenceError: replace is not defined

Version 3.2.4   

Release Date: December 9, 2020

  • Fixed Line Breaker is not showing the break icon on the bottom side of the table when hovering
  • Fixed Quick insert option is not working in normal screen mode
  • Fixed Yii Framework - Paragraph format UI is different from other framework/froala editor

Version 3.2.3   

Release Date: October 30, 2020

  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed XSS Vulnerability in WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  • Fixed method stopped working in 3.2.1
  • Fixed popups.setContainer() , throws error if custom container is used
  • Fixed Disabling bold and italic makes already inserted content unformatted
  • Fixed Triple click selection inside the table in Chrome Browser
  • Fixed the ng-model as it was not work properly with ng-required directive
  • Fixed removing the link also removes the title
  • Fixed In case of table inside the table, user can't select bolded text
  • Fix for New div tags get created on Enter click if the cursor is inside the div element
  • Fix for Links and input fields are editable even if contenteditable attr is set to false
  • Fix for The preformatted text ( tag) loses its formatting if it's pasted together with other content
  • Fix for Delete key stopped working if the enter option is defined as enter
  • Fix for reported XSS vulnerability in Froala Editor
  • Fixed, Froala_editor.css in case of any broken applications
  • Fixed, after deleting the last character, text styling is lost

Version 3.2.2   

Release Date: September 12, 2020

  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Security issue: XSS via pasted content
  • Fixed Inputs on popups on mobile is not working
  • Fixed User cannot change the type of the nested list item
  • Fixed Aurelia plugin issues
  • Fixed editor load issue in Safari
  • Fixed backward slash urls issue
  • Fixed DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin...from accessing a cross-domain frame
  • Fixed SecurityError: Permission denied to access property "document" on cross-origin object
  • Fixed Problem with one of the polyfill in IE11
  • Fixed Froala formats more than the selected text in IE11 in iframe mode
  • Fixed Dropdown Selection Scrolls to top of Page in IE11
  • Fixed issue when inserting an image from image manager it loses data-* attributes
  • Fixed to show both Height and width in the change size pop-up when uploaded new image

Version 3.2.1   

Release Date: August 05, 2020

  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Back button is missing in image replacement option
  • Fixed Shadow is not applied to inserted image
  • Fixed Can't type text after adding image
  • Fixed After setting image to display inline, User is not able to type text, Only way is to press escape key
  • Fixed Can't format more than one image caption
  • Fixed image.replaced event is not getting triggered when image is being replaced using 'Upload Image' and 'By URL' option
  • Fixed imageBack and videoBack buttons are not showing in 'Insert Image' and 'Insert Video' toolbar option
  • Fixed If the imageResizeWithPercent is enabled, user can't insert/edit image captions
  • Fixed Initialized fired before html is ready
  • Fixed Two Froalas on same page with same options but second Froala doesn't update froalaModel (Angular, Vue, React)
  • Fixed Automatically adding extra period after typing out email address
  • Fixed Inserting link fails when linkText is set to false
  • Fixed Pasting content with image between Froala windows drops whitespace in content
  • Fixed Editor buttons get disabled while dragging a image between table cells.
  • Fixed IE11: Missing buttons in image manager
  • Fixed Cursor doesn't retain its position when using a inline class feature
  • Fixed Delete key does not work for images
  • Fixed Removing caption from an image, removes a link as well
  • Fixed Can't select the image that contains the caption and the link
  • Fixed IE11: Object doesn't support property or method 'includes'
  • Fixed YouTube should only suggest videos from the same channel

Version 3.2.0   

Release Date: July 21, 2020

  • ALL NEW Enhanced Upload Image Feature
  • Image Upload - Drag & Drop/Click and Browse One or More Files
  • Enhanced Image Upload - Drop Image box - header action buttons
  • Enhanced Image Upload - Upload By URL
  • Enhanced Image Upload - Embed Code
  • Enhanced Image Upload - Insert
  • Enhanced Image Upload - Cancel
  • Enhanced Image Upload - Minimize
  • Enhanced Image Upload - Progress bar
  • Enhanced Image Upload - Checkbox
  • Enhanced Image Upload - File Thumbnail / Icon
  • Enhanced Image Upload - File Size
  • Enhanced Image Upload - File Actions - File Checkbox
  • Enhanced Image Upload - File Actions - File Insert
  • Enhanced Image Upload - File Actions - File Edit (only file, not image or video)
  • Enhanced Image Upload - File Actions - File Delete
  • Enhanced Image Upload - File Actions - File View
  • Enhanced Image Upload - File Actions - File Edit - Image
  • Created options and events for File Manager
  • Numerous performance improvements

Version 3.1.1   

Release Date: Feb 23, 2020

  • Fullscreen bug fixed
  • FontFamily/fontSize output fixed
  • Numerous performance improvements

Version 3.1.0   

Release Date: January 13, 2020

  • Hotfixes
    • Improved pasting when copying from MSWord
    • Improved formatting for bold styling
    • Improved German and French translation
    • Fixed ordered list display
    • Fixed autosave function in special conditions
    • Fixed line height selection
    • Fixed freezes UI while performing video insertion by URL or upload
    • Fixed image captions with Korean characters in IE11
    • Fixed JS error on removing a list when paragraph format button is not available
    • Fixed disappearing &nbsp; if ENTER_BR is set for the enter option
    • Fixed line breaks in the image caption of an image inside list
    • Fixed uploading images via dropping image in the editor window in IE11
    • Fixed some malfunctions for <input> tag elements
    • Fixed "Special Characters" button on mobile devices
    • Fixed inserted links with "Open in new tab" option
    • Fixed issue with uploading a new image to a FroalaEditor that initialized on an image
    • Fixed zero width spaces when no text is selected
    • Fixed missed embedded video content after re-initialization
    • Fixed striping already applied attributes in inline style
    • Fixed issue with inserted lines from the editor is shown in one page per line when pdf is downloaded
    • Fixed previously added images in the editor on mobile will not let you select them
    • Fixed issue when backspace deletes an extra empty space
    • Fixed 'template' custom HTML tag usage
    • Fixed paragraph format display after pasting content from MSWord
    • Fixed error with selection.isFull() method
    • Fixed calls for 'codeView.update' event in special conditions
    • Fixed displaying custom URI without slashes
    • Fixed 'disableRightClick' option
    • Fixed table options popup display if text is wrapped under <b><u><i>etc tag
    • Fixed character count update when froala.html.set() called
    • Fixed 'toolbarButtons' option to be responsive to editor size, not viewport size as it was
    • Fixed JS error when navigating dropdown menu with arrow keys
    • Fixed problem with nested contenteditable element and backspace
    • Fixed 'imageManagerLoadMethod' option usage with 'POST' value
    • Fixed situation when contenteditable="false" elements are editable by drag&drop
    • Fixed 'Open Link' button behavior in IE11

Version 3.0.6   

Release Date: October 04, 2019

  • Added Support for Rails 6
  • Hotfixes
    • Improved French translation
    • Fixed switching to code view fails when html contains style tag
    • Fixed <hr> tag disappears when dragging an image
    • Fixed cursor not displayed on either side of an image
    • Fixed copy&paste images from Google Docs and other sources
    • Fixed placeholder is not destroyed on calling editor.destroy
    • Fixed placeholder text is not aligned with the cursor in inline mode
    • Fixed Froala Pages support

Version 3.0.5   

Release Date: August 16, 2019

  • Hotfixes
    • Fixed long placeholder text wraps outside bounds of editor on narrow screen
    • Fixed JS error when using backspace in a list
    • Fixed removing bold/italics/underlined etc. from one word removes it from all words after it
    • Fixed text color is lost after changing it
    • Fixed edit area loses focus when clicking toolbar buttons
    • Fixed Enter/Return key wrong behavior
    • Fixed Copy/Paste from LibOffice to Froala breaks level 2 unordered list
    • Fixed nest list not working as expected on Ie
    • Fixed cursor in the wrong spot after inserting a horizontal line
    • Fixed Froala Copy/Paste from itself lost some styles
    • Improved Japanese translation

Version 3.0.4   

Release Date: July 31, 2019

  • Hotfixes
    • Fixed body position in case of quick insert.
    • Fixed saving call multipart/form-data.
    • Improved toolbar with customization.
    • Added Royal theme.
    • Improved multiple styles use in element creation.
    • Improved editor selection.
    • Fixed overflow cursor with iframe.
    • Corrected emoticons missed icons.
    • Improved embedly integration with froala.
    • Fixed vertical separators between toolbar icons.
    • Improved table selection with IE11.
    • Improved error handling.

Version 3.0.3   

Release Date: July 15, 2019

  • Hotfixes
    • Improved indentation of lists.
    • Fixed uncaught errors.
    • Removed foucable on svg icons.
    • Fixed spacing between label and hotkeys.
    • Improved event mechanism.

Version 3.0.2   

Release Date: July 05, 2019

  • Hotfixes
    • Provided option for disable the editng with contenteditable=false.
    • Fixed critical error [Uncaught TypeError] of undefined property.
    • Improved translation for Chinese.
    • Improved formatting for Firefox.

Version 3.0.1   

Release Date: June 28, 2019

  • Hotfixes
    • Fixed editor crashes on paste of list from MS Word
    • Dragging images creates new row in Edge
    • Fixed duplicating icons on enter
    • Fixed line-height on table cells
    • Spaces break image captions in Firefox
    • Improved cursor position
    • Fixed selection of multiple cells in table
    • Improved copy paste in edge browser
    • Fixed loss of formatting on bulleted list
    • Fixed scrollbar issue on word paste
    • Improved element deletion on backspace, delete and ctrl+backspace
    • Improved listing copy paste from word
    • Fixed $ truncation on selection of color
    • Improved table popup for cells
    • Improved code view presentation
    • Added rel attribute
    • Popup does not disappear after inserting video. (safari)
    • Creating Empty div with inline style and inserting one br tag
    • Fixed Infinite upload when pasting larger image
    • Fixed Problems deleting after selecting all
    • Improved list ordering
    • Improved pasting of tables using html.insert()
    • Improved popup with iframe
    • Fixed allowed editing on contenteditable="false"
    • Improved line breaker between table and image
    • Fixed Slovak, Czech & Russian translations
    • Improved indentation on list
    • Fixed freezing editor when specific table cell selection

Version 3.0.0   

Release Date: Jun 13, 2019

  • GA Release ✨✨✨

Version 3.0.0-rc.2   

Release Date: Jun 6, 2019

  • Create plugins.pkgd.css file to Froala plugins styles only.
  • Hotfixes
    • Hotfixes synced with 2.9.5
    • Fixed custom dropdown open issue in Firefox
    • Fixed paragraph dropdown was not hiding after selection
    • Fixed console error while resizing the window

Version 3.0.0-rc.1   

Release Date: May 28, 2019

  • Create plugins.pkgd.css file to Froala plugins styles only.
  • Hotfixes
    • Pressing ENTER inside the editor should add a new line.
    • Prevented XSS script execution from embeded url.
    • Can't remove color from text since 2.9.x update.
    • Froala can enclose block elements like table inside span when using ENTER_BR.
    • Clear formatting removes links inconsistently.
    • Youtube embeds ignore start time parameter.
    • IE 11 Toolbar is not updating for first paragraph.
    • Spaces was deleted for htmlUntouched option.
    • Editor was scrolling up when hovering a dropdown in IE browser.
    • Typing in Korean was not working correctly for image captions in IE.
    • Hitting Escape on edit link popup should not throw error.
    • Esc on edit link popup in froala editor is giving an error.
    • Problem with restoring selection when restoring snapshot.
    • Color popups in minimized browser view.
    • Fixed emoticons problem in IE.
    • The second toolbar disappears in certain actions.
    • Improved popup and toolbar position.
    • Fixed editor instance lives inside a LI tag from duplicating.
    • CMD-K shortcut adds a new text with a link.
    • Blur event triggered when clicking on dropdown menu items IE 11.
    • Pasting plaintext with line breaks removes line break.
    • The link is not deleted when deleting with the "backspace" key.
    • Fixed color picker error for table cells.
    • Prevent editing while contenteditable is set to false.
    • Fixed video.removed event fires twice for one remove.
    • Fixed empty string issue on paste.before|afterCleanup.
    • When pasting the cursor moves to the beginning of the pasted content.
    • Fixed popup issue regarding videoUpload.
    • Copied content is inserted into the editor in disabled mode.
    • Cannot insert text after an image with caption in inline editor.
    • Video Link Error has no popup feedback.
    • Image size is not set when a caption is present.

Version 3.0.0-beta.2   

Release Date: May 23, 2019

  • Update froala_editor.pkgd.min.js file to include only Froala plugins, without third party integrations.
  • Create plugins.pkdg.min.js file to include Froala Editor plugins only.
  • Enhancements
    • Update toolbar spacings on mobile devices.
    • Improve spacing for Font Awesome plugin icons.
    • Spacing for the align dropdown icons.
  • Hotfixes
    • Fullscreen has rounded corners.
    • CSS error in IE.
    • Link shortcuts insert links in the wrong place.
    • Using ENTER_BR mode throws an error when using the quick insert tool.
    • Save requests are sent in a wrong format.
    • Fullscreen height is not updated when toggling the second toolbar.
    • Dropdowns scroll is cut on Chrome / MacOS.
    • Table popups are positioned incorrectly.
    • Using Font Awesome 5 plugins for toolbar makes the icons very large.
    • Image manager buttons have an incorrect size depending on the website CSS rules.
    • Dropdowns are not closing all the time when using the inline toolbar.

Version 3.0.0-beta.1   

Release Date: May 15, 2019 ✨✨✨

  • Remove jQuery.
  • Update the UI.
  • Add custom made SVG icons.
  • Introduce smart toolbar.
  • Introduce tabs to the emoticons plugin.
  • Redesign Font Awesome from modal to popup.
  • Redesign Special Characters from modal to popup.
  • Split the colors button to separate text and background buttons.
  • Add separate buttons for the align options.
  • Move edit in popup feature to a separate plugin.