What’s The Best CSS Rich Text Editor in 2022?

What's The Best CSS Rich Text Editor in 2022

A rich text editor is a useful tool that allows you to edit web content effortlessly. You can use these editors to format text quickly, and add images, videos, tables, links, and more without writing any code. A good rich-text editor CSS also comes with a modern WYSIWYG interface. This allows you to see how your web content would appear in a web browser. Web developers worldwide now use rich CSS text editors to create well-formatted, functional and beautiful websites and web apps.

While there are several CSS rich text editors available in the market, not every editor offers the features you need. If you’re looking for the best WYSIWYG HTML editor, Froala is what you need. Froala is a lightweight Rich-text editor CSS that comes with tons of features for creating beautiful web content.

In this post, we’ll discuss which features you should look for in the best CSS rich text editor and show you why Froala is the right choice.

What Is A CSS Rich Text Editor?

A rich text editor is a tool for creating and editing web content. These editors come with lots of options to format text, such as bold, italics, and different font sizes. Some advanced editors also allow you to create numbered and bulleted lists, format paragraphs, add emoticons, and more. Additionally, you can use a rich text editor to add visual elements to your web pages, such as images and videos.

Simply put, a CSS rich text editor enables you to create and edit web content without writing a single line of code. This means even if you don’t know HTML, you can still create beautiful web content by using a WYSIWYG editor. These days, many professional web developers also use WYSIWYG JavaScript editors to develop complex and lengthy web pages quickly.

Rich text editors are widely used in blogging websites, CMS, and webmail applications to accelerate web content development and boost productivity.

What Is The Best CSS Rich Text Editor?

Froala CSS rich text editor

When it comes to rich text editors, you’ll find several options in the market. However, Froala leads the pack with its ease of use, clean interface, and advanced features.

Froala is a lightweight WYSIWYG JavaScript editor that has a beautiful design and impressive rich text editing capabilities. It initializes in just under 40 milliseconds and offers tons of useful features, such as full-screen support, custom themes, keyboard shortcuts, a custom toolbar, and more.

Froala is also the leading WYSIWYG HTML on G2. G2 is a reputed website that helps you choose the best software and tools for your needs. It ranks tools based on unbiased customer reviews and market presence. The top position of Froala shows it is the best CSS rich text editor that offers all the tools users need to create and edit web content quickly and easily.

Here are the most liked features of Froala that make it the best rich text editor:

How Can I Edit Text With Froala CSS Rich Text Editor?

Froala comes with a number of content styling and editing features for creating any type of web content. Some of these features include:

  • Bold and italics
  • Several font sizes, background colors, and text colors
  • Add superscript and subscript
  • Create numbered and bulleted lists
  • Custom style for specific text
  • Line spacing and indentation
  • Emoticons
  • Line breaker for adding new lines
  • Allows you to embed any text or content from the web into the editor

Does Froala CSS Rich Text Editor Allow You To Create Custom Themes?

Different color themes of Froala CSS rich text editor

Froala editor offers four themes – Dark, Red, Gray, and Royal – that you can choose depending on your website’s color palette. You can choose your desired theme by using the theme option and including the corresponding CSS theme file. You can even create custom themes and customize the editor’s interface.

How Can I Add Images and Videos Using Froala Website HTML Editor?

Froala CSS rich text editor has multiple options to insert images and videos. For instance, you can upload images/videos directly from your device or by URL. Froala also offers several options for editing images and videos:

  • Resize, align, or replace images and videos
  • Add image alt text and caption
  • Insert link to an image
  • Several image styling options, such as rounded, bordered or shadowed
  • Multiple image display options: inline or break text
  • Reposition images
  • Preview videos directly from the editor’s interface

Can I Customize Froala’s Toolbar?

Froala CSS rich text editor toolbar

Froala gives you complete control over its toolbar. While the toolbar can accommodate 100+ features, you can also customize it the way you want. You can add tools that you use the most, and remove the ones you rarely use. Additionally, you can change the order of the tools for your ease.

Another liked feature of Froala’s toolbar is that you can fix it as the top or bottom of the screen. This way, the toolbar doesn’t move while you scroll. You can even set toolbar offset so that it doesn’t overlap with your webpage’s header.

How Can I Add More Advanced Features To Froala CSS Rich Text Editor?

Froala's plugins

Froala editor provides all the basic features for editing web content. However, when you’re working on complex websites, you also need advanced features. That’s why Froala comes with more than 30 advanced plugins that allow you to add more features to the editor. Froala even lets you create your own custom plugins.

Some of the most popular plugins of Froala include:

  • Code View
  • Emoticons
  • File Manager
  • Code Beautifier
  • Paragraph Format
  • Font Size
  • Markdown Support
  • Image Manager

Is It Easy To Integrate Froala CSS Rich Text Editor Into Your Applications?

Froala HTML Editor comes with plugins for all major development frameworks, such as Angular, React, Django, Ember, and more. These plugins make it easy to integrate the editor into your applications. Froala also has server-side SDKs for different languages to ease the process of integrating the editor with your server. It also provides guides and code examples on handling files, images, and video upload on different server types. Additionally, there are step-by-step migration guides for replacing your current editor with Froala.

Do you want to learn how to use Rich Text Editor in React JS? Check out our guide on React WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Does Froala Have Cross-Platform and Cross-Browser Support?

Froala is an efficient CSS rich text editor that has both cross-platform and cross-browser support. This means the editor works on almost all browsers, including Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Additionally, you can use Froala on any device, such as desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets.

Ready to use the best CSS Rich text editor? Sign up for Froala and try its impressive features today!

Posted on July 28, 2022


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