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WYSIWYG by Design. Innovative by Nature.

We make web editing easier, more powerful and more enjoyable with every single click.
Text editing module with word editing tools editing a blog with four hundred characters.

Next Generation UX


We designed a simple and intuitive toolbar where every feature is easy to find and your most wanted ones are right there.


We designed a Smart Editor Toolbar made of contextually relevant groups of buttons, displays only the most common or most used ones.

Full of features

It's simple and smart and it can hold all the buttons you ever wished without overwhelming the end user.

Impressive Popups

Inline Popup

WYSIWYG has a strong meaning for us and we achieved our goals with an amazing and unique inline editor.

Editing Popups

We designed all popups and toolbars in just the right way to make the editor look natural on any modern website.

Mobile Friendly

With over 1.9 billion mobile web users worldwide, mobile is more than a trend and it is not the future, it's the present. This has convinced us that mobile has to be on the first place.

Froala rich text editor is the first WYSIWYG HTML editor that focused significant resources towards the mobile area. As a result it is probably the best working editor on mobile devices.

Mobile First

Our WYSIWYG HTML editor was designed using a progressive enhancement strategy to ensure mobile users the best possible experience.

Mobile Resize

For the first time in a rich text editor, resizing images and videos on mobile devices is no longer a demand, but an achievement.

Custom Toolbar by Screen Size

Small screens require increased attention. Every detail matters and we made several options available for you to change the toolbar buttons for each screen size.

Modern and Highly Customizable

Modern Design

The perfect editor is the one that fits best on your website. The unitary feel and modern design will exceed your expectations.


We strive to make your work easier and more pleasant and we created the first customizing tool for a rich text editor.


Be a professional, don't cut any corners and offer your users the best visual experience possible.

Rich Image & Video Handling

Wrap Text

Desired and yet missing from all other WYSIWYG HTML text editors. Froala makes wrapping text around images and videos possible.

Cross-Browser Reposition

You know how important it is for your users to be able to use whatever browser they want. Yes, image reposition works on all browsers.

Video Preview and Resize

Wouldn't it be nice to preview videos while still editing? Yes, that's possible and you can also resize them at the same time.

All Like One

You might as well have multiple Froala WYSIWYG HTML editors on the same page, your users may drag & drop images from one to another.

Clever Table Tool

Cell Selection

Cell selection was never the same on two different browsers. Starting with the Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor Version 2 we developed a special table cell selection feature.

Table Editing

Table editing will never be the same after trying our new tool. Using right click to edit tables in a web browser is wrong. Most users want the right click context menu untouched. And that's exactly what we are doing.


Clean HTML

The outputted HTML has always been a problem. We have taken the challenge and created and algorithm that solves it.


It is a known fact that our WYSIWYG HTML editor is one of the most secure rich text editors out there. This is a top concern for us.


It was designed with performance in mind and therefore it is prepared to withstand rigorous tests.