Implementing the Disable Right Click in Froala html code writer

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In certain websites, there is a need to prevent users from executing specific actions like copying, pasting, or inspecting HTML code within the editor interface. 

Turning off the right-click functionality serves as an effective measure to deter such behaviors. 

It enables the implementation of custom context menus tailored to the application’s requirements, overriding the default browser menu.

Froala html code writer offers a solution to accomplish this task. Its disableRightClick, setting it to true, ensures that whenever users attempt a right-click within the editor.  No contextual menu will be displayed, thereby maintaining control over the user interactions within the editing environment. The Froala html code writer is a tool for creating rich text content in web applications.   In this article, we’ll explore how to implement the Disable Right Click option within the Froala Editor in a React project.


Setting Up the Project

First, set up a basic React project and install the necessary dependencies. We’ll use create-react-app to create our project:



npx create-react-app froala-right-click

cd froala-right-click



Now, install the react-froala-wysiwyg package, which provides the Froala Editor component for React:



npm install react-froala-wysiwyg --save



Now that our project is set up, let’s create a component to integrate the Froala Editor with the Disable Right Click option. 


Create a file named EditorComponent.js in the src directory with the following content:



import React from 'react';

import FroalaEditorComponent from 'react-froala-wysiwyg';

import 'froala-editor/css/froala_style.min.css';

import 'froala-editor/css/froala_editor.pkgd.min.css';

import 'froala-editor/js/plugins.pkgd.min.js';

function EditorComponent() {

  let model = '<p><a href="">Froala WYSIWYG Editor</a></p>';

  return (

    <div id="froala-editor">






          disableRightClick: true






export default EditorComponent;



Integrating the Editor Component

Now, let’s integrate the EditorComponent into our App.js file:



import React from 'react';

import './App.css';

import EditorComponent from './EditorComponent';

function App() {

  return (

    <div className="App">

      <EditorComponent />




export default App;




If you run your React application using npm start, you should see the Froala Editor rendered with the Disable Right Click option enabled. 

Try right-clicking within the editor area, and you’ll notice that the context menu doesn’t appear, thus confirming that the right-click functionality has been disabled.

This feature can benefit various use cases, such as protecting content or restricting certain functionalities within the editor. 

Using the code in this article, you can easily integrate this feature into your React applications using the Froala component.


Posted on April 5, 2024

Carl Cruz

Product Marketing Manager for Froala. A technical enthusiast at heart.

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