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Automate your HTML and JavaScript web testing now with Sencha WebTestIt

Web developers face an ever-expanding workload as companies grow, websites expand, and Javascript tools get more complex. Testing the websites you deploy daily can be a challenge. Obviously, no one wants to deploy a website they haven’t properly tested. No developer wants to receive complaints from customers, executives, or other developers when their websites don’t work properly. One solution to this problem is automated testing using existing tools third-party tools. One such tool from Sencha is called WebTestIt.

Sencha WebTestIt is a lightweight IDE for optimal UI web testing. WebTestIt uses Selenium or Protractor. Because Sencha, owned by Idera is a sister company of Froala, WebTestIt plays well with Froala HTML Editor or any Javascript and HTML project. Sencha WebTestIt significantly reduces the effort required to build robust and reliable UI tests for web applications.

Here are some of the advantages of using WebTestIt

  • Test everywhere — Cross-browser testing on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android mobile devices. Test popular browsers or headless browsers locally or in the cloud.
  • Easy setup — WebTestIt manages the tedious setup process, including scaffolding test frameworks or automatically downloading drivers for testing on various browsers.
  • Efficient automation — WebTestIt scaffolds your project based on best practices and automatically creates boilerplate code. Save time with intelligent test-specific code completion.
  • Standard language support — Develop tests in Java, JavaScript, Typescript, or Python.  WebTestIt will generate either native Selenium or Protractor code.

Is WebTestIt designed for web automation?

Yes! WebTestIt is perfect for web automation. You can easily create robust tests using Java, Typescript, or Python for standard web technologies like Selenium and Protractor. WebTestIt saves you development time with the “Getting Started” panel, sample projects, automatic application of page object patterns, built-in code snippets, and useful keyboard shortcuts, as well as its intelligent code completion.

Does WebTestIt have flexible execution?

Select and execute the entire test suite or just your failed test cases. Run tests on a single endpoint or multiple endpoints in parallel. You can also execute tests from the command line with custom configs.

Is there JIRA & TestRail Integration in WebTestIt?

WebTestIt integrates out-of-the-box integration with Atlassian JIRA as well as TestRail. Create a JIRA defect with a single click or import test cases from TestRail to run tests and easily report results.

What continuous integration is available with WebTestIt?

Use our CLI to integrate automated tests into CI servers, such as VSTS and Jenkins as well as  TravisCI . In addition, you can include generated reports as artifacts in your CI process.

Does WebTestIt have built-in reporting?

Eliminate the need for third-party reporting tools with built-in reporting. WebTestIt includes built-in test run reporting that is also fully customizable via HTML/CSS.

What browsers does WebTestIt support?

Test locally on popular browsers for desktop and Android mobile devices, or on a headless browser. Distribute tests on a Selenium Grid or to cloud-based providers via Sauce Labs.

Does WebTestIt have an optimized workflow?

WebTestIt has a highly optimized workflow. You can use either a mouse or a keyboard to create tests. WebTestIt also supports the workflow of creating page objects and tests.

WebTestIt optimized workflow

Are you ready to start automating your website testing?

Adding automated testing through WebTestIt can really help you catch any problems with your website deployments before you start receiving complaints. Furthermore, if you haven’t tried our Froala HTML Editor yet, it is a beautiful Javascript web editor. Best of all, it is easy for your developers to integrate and your users will simply fall in love with its clean design.

Head over to the Sencha website and download WebTestIt for free.

Posted on September 16, 2021

Eli M

Eli Ma former writer for Froala, showcased exceptional talent and dedication during their tenure with the company.

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