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Announcing V2.9.7 Release

At Froala, our mission has always been about pushing web editing beyond its conceived limits—this vision has served as the guiding philosophy for all Froala releases from Version 1.x to Version 3.x

Last V2 Release – Meeting our Customer’s Needs

Additionally, listening to our users’ needs and delivering high-quality releases that meet their needs has also been a cornerstone of our success. With this in mind, we’re doing the unconventional and delivering one last release to cater to our users who are still dependent on jQuery. 2.9.7 is a huge improvement for v2 and includes numerous bug fixes, performance enhancements, and extra goodies. Read below and if you’re still hesitant to jump to the non-jQuery version, this version is for you! 

2.9.7 Changelog

The feedback loop from our v2 users has made this latest release possible; our development team has been hard at work updating the 2.x version of Froala Editor with the most highly-requested critical bug fixes missing, including:

  • Improved Document Ready mode functionalities and alignment improvements, such as:
    • iFrame styling parity.
    • Improved alignment and displaying inline images.
    • Improved Toolbar alignment and placeholder in Document Ready mode.
  • Enhanced copy and paste capabilities, including: 
    • Style / format maintained in lists and tables when pasted into the editor.
    • Improved copying, pasting lists, creating indentation and styling.
  • Improved content editing functionalities, such as adding descriptive text, dragging, select, delete and copy/paste formatted text inside the editor. 
    • Users can now designate whether content is editable.
  • Enhanced superscript and subscript text  editing feature.
  • Improved Font awesome icons.
  • Improved text inside table feature.
  • Hitting backspace won’t delete the line break anymore.
  • Improved video upload and embedding features in iOS and alignment issues in safari browser
  • Improved embedly integration.
  • Improved dropdown in android.
  • Enhanced captioning and resizing in feature images.
  • Improved alignment of toolbar over the text areas.
  • More minor bug fixes like HTMLallowed,  enhanced read property of ‘nextSibling’ defined, improved enter/return Key behavior and resolved tab issues inside <BR>tag.

2.9.7 is Available Now

Enough talking, let’s get our hands dirty. 

Once you’re done reading the full extent of enhancements brought by 2.9.7 in our changelog, you can jump straight into the action by heading over to our Github repo branch for v2.

Though this might be the last version update for Froala Editor 2.x, we always appreciate your feedback. Let us know what features you would like to see polished in future releases to help them perfectly fit your needs.

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