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Radar Chart

A radar chart (also known as a spider chart) is a visual interpretation of data bearing multiple dimensions. With the radial grid like structure, the chart displays the values of different categories on its axis. Radar charts are primarily used as a data comparison tool to visually correlate and contrast entities over its diverse aspects such as growth against benchmarks, progress over several criteria, etc.


The caption (also called the chart title) is the heading of your chart. You can add custom text for the caption, as well as configure its font properties and cosmetics.

Data Plot

Data plot refers to the columns of the chord chart.


The sub-caption (also called the chart subtitle) is the sub-heading of your chart. You can add custom text for sub-caption, as well as configure its font properties.

Data Labels

Data labels refers to the labels associated with data

Create a Radar Chart

For a detailed list of attributes, refer to the Radar Chart attributes page.