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Thousands Of Customers Find Success With Froala Editor

Froala is one of the smartest and most beautiful products on the inline HTML editor market. It aims to revolutionize the web domain with its next-generation WYSIWYG editing. As a
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Read these tips to help you become a better developer

5 Tips To Becoming A Better Developer

Software development, if you are doing it right, is an ongoing learning experience. The only way you can really improve is through practice. For this reason, the key to becoming
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Froala is now part of Idera

In 4 years we went from a basic editor to powering thousands of web and mobile applications all over the world. Some of the world’s best brands trust us, and
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How to get up to 3500+ GitHub stars in one week

I’m not going to share another new year’s resolution with you, but rather help you accomplish yours. If making your project successful is on your resolution, then you should definitely
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A palm tree with a wooden swing and a man swimming above the ocean.

The Summer Startup Tan-Effect

Summer is not only about the sun, cocktails and beaches. It’s also the best part of the year to make some important progress in your startup. Just don’t stress out
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What to expect from Froala in 2017

Thank you everyone for being there with us in 2016. It was an amazing year for the Froala team and products, and I’m sure that 2017 is going to be
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A collection of black buckets with a variety of water color paints and used paint brushes.

New logo. Fresh design.

We have a lot of changes and updates to talk about, and you probably noticed some of them already. If not, it means you haven’t visited our website recently (shame
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A modern office with many open chairs and tables with a banner across the entrance saying better is possible.

Working in a Startup or Corporation?

“Should I choose working in a startup over a corporation?” We all face this tough question at some point in our career. There’s no straight forward answer for it, but
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“Why your blog hasn’t been updated this year?”

That’s what someone asked us in an email. And it’s a very good question. We used to write here more often and lots of you were eagerly waiting for updates
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A cluster of press printing letters of various sizes and fonts.

Name Your Startup

It might seem a bit odd that we’re writing about this, but we believe that sharing some of our experience might help others. As a startup, we had to deal
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